3 Tips on Alternative Health and Healing

Alternative health and healing is a progressing trend when it comes to addressing illnesses and diseases.  Simply put, it is a way to take care of the human body in the most organic and natural way. The principle behind it is being sensitive to what the body is saying, when it is showing symptoms of a certain illness, and how these are addressed in a manner that is anything but intrusive.  The body tells us that something is wrong when we feel fatigued, followed by symptoms such as colds, infections, or even flu.  These symptoms should not be taken for granted.

There are many ways by which one can address these symptoms. The first of which is by reducing stress. Stress can have an adverse effect on the very quality of a life. It causes the body’s immune system to get weak and allows germs, viruses, and bacteria to have easy access to our bodies and cause sickness.

Stress Reduction Techniques

Strengthening the body’s immune system through stress reduction techniques is one way to experience alternative health and healing. Some of these are hypnotherapy, meditation, and aromatherapy. There are also herbal supplements one can take as natural immune boosters such as sage, garlic, St. John’s Wort and astragalus. Nutrition also plays a role in bringing down the level of  stress. A balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables will help the body fight diseases and perform more effectively. 

Regular Physical Activity

Exercising is another alternative health and healing method applied to addressing depression. Depression is a growing problem not only among adults but even among children. While some resort to medication, a good alternative way is through exercising. When one exercises, Serotonin, a feel good hormone, is naturally produced. This becomes a natural way to fight depression.

Walking for health and meditation is another way to naturally improve and heal the body. Choosing a calm and serene place to walk in relaxes the mind and allows one to focus on breathing, hearing and seeing. 

Massage Therapy

There are also great benefits from massage therapy as an alternative health and healing option. Relaxation is achieved through massage therapy as it reduces muscle tension and functions as a stress reliever. It also enhances the immune system. Herbal baths are also popular as a natural way of reducing tension and produce healing properties for the body.

Aside from aesthetic purposes, it also has a powerful effect on the mind bringing calmness and relaxation. Another way to reduce symptoms of illnesses and diseases is by regularly taking vitamins and minerals. Eating healthy is not a guarantee that the body is getting the nourishment it needs to fight sicknesses. This is why drinking high quality vitamins and minerals are very important.

The 7th way is the most important and it‘s to find one’s bliss and have fun. Taking time to do what makes one happy and taking care of oneself is definitely important. It brings a sense of empowerment, peace and harmony which is truly the goal of having a healthy body through alternative health and healing.

Alternative health and healing is definitely the way to go!

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