Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Two, new studies have changed the future of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Older research connecting the virus XMRV (Xenotropic murine leukemia virus) to Chronic Fatigue has been successfully discredited. Unfortunately, contamination turned out to be a problem. The virus is considered to be fairly rare outside laboratory conditions, there was much skepticism to begin with the findings. The researcher who completed the initial findings has not just issued a statement responding to the new publications.

As a result there is a powerful new question on the horizon for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. What next? With new studies connecting mental illness with Chronic Fatigue and others discrediting the viral connection, the outlook may appear to be bleak. One of the researchers from a discrediting study pointed out new options. You see, they did not set out to discredit the original findings. Despite much abuse from the CFS community, that was never the intention. Some of the researchers, sadly, have come out and said they will not agree to conduct any more research on the topic because how badly they were treated. Fortunately, one researcher says his willing to continue. And that this are more options. A variety of directions could be considered for the next steps. The human genome project holds potential for CFS research.

As this information is completed it will be easier to find variations that are connected to the expression of diseases such as CFS. No one knows for sure what will be found just that this is one direction research may head. Another direction takes into consideration the huge leaps forward in technology for medical research. Compared to what could be accomplished even a few years ago, much has changed. The ability to observe even a single cell taking up oxygen and releasing waste products now exists. The capacity to exam human function to this level of detail has huge potential to reveal previously unknown possibilities both for diagnosis and treatment. One top virologist pointed out that he does not believe this is the end of research into CFS. Rather, he believes that it is the end of one path of investigation. This is a time of transition to considering other avenues and other points of research related to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

In fact, the very mystery of this disease also has the potential to inspire researchers. It is likely to take a variety of approaches and studies to make headway with this confusing situation. It’s important for those who live with this condition every day to not loose heart. And we can learn from this situation. Regardless the results from objective research, it’s important to support those make the effort to unravel the illness and challenge of Chronic Fatigue.

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