Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Treatment

Chronic fatigue syndrome treatment is possible. But you need an extraordinary healing system to defeat chronic fatigue syndrome because CFS is no ordinary disease. Chronic fatigue syndrome is one of the most punishing, cruel, and difficult diseases to heal.

But you can kill this monster. And I can say this because I was chronically bedridden with chronic fatigue syndrome for over 5 years. I was so sick I could not walk or move from my bed. I was a severe case. But I healed myself by using extraordinary natural healing methods. I learned this knowledge by being in the trenchers of real illness. Pain is a powerful teacher. When you are really sick and suffering from illness you only use what works and you discard what does not work.

So please listen carefully because what I am going to share with you is extremely valuable health knowledge.

Modern medicine has no solution for treating chronic fatigue syndrome. In fact modern medicine is so clueless that it does not even know the cause of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Now in contrast Ayurvedic medicine has known the cause and treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome for over 5009 years. It has recorded this knowledge in very old medical scriptures.

Ayurvedic medicine is a natural health science. Natural medicine is an extremely powerful healing force. But people do not know how to use it correctly. Unfortunately natural medicine today has turned into a business and the real healing art has been lost.

I am sure many of you chronic fatigue syndrome sufferers out there have tried many natural remedies which did nothing to help reduce your CFS pain.

To use natural medicine effectively you must use it the way ancient healers did. There is a massive difference between using natural medicine the traditional way compared to the new age watered down version that is done today.

The ancients practiced natural medicine totally differently. They dived deep into natures health secrets. They devoted their lives to medicine. They discovered jewels of healing knowledge which radically transformed sickness into health.

Let me share with you some of these lost healing secrets. Chronic fatigue syndrome treatment uses these three principles.

- Principle one is nutritional saturation.
– Principle two is natural treatments.
– Principle three is complete rest.

Let me explain to you in more detail about these three principles.  

Nutritional saturation involves saturating your body with the highest quality foods, super foods and liquids. Eating specific, organic, natural foods, cooked in a certain way helps reduce the root cause of chronic fatigue syndrome.

According to Ayurvedic medicine the human body is made up of five elements. Due to certain causative factors some of the elements increase and cause disease. In chronic fatigue syndrome there is an excess air element in the body.

The main treatment used in Ayurvedic medicine for chronic fatigue syndrome is to reduce this excess air element. So all the foods you eat must be air reducing. You should avoid raw, cold, gassy, dry, light foods because these foods increase the air element in your body.

Instead you should eat freshly cooked, digestible, moist, heavy grounding foods. These foods reduce the excess air element in your body.

In addition to natural foods you should consume organic herbal powders and natural purified minerals. Fresh, organic, specific herbal powders and minerals help to saturate your body with additional healing and nutrition.

You should also consume super food. Super food is a specific food that is highly concentrated in vitamins and minerals.

These three powerhouses of natural foods, super foods and herbal mineral powders totally saturate your body with healing nutrition. In fact these substances will give you more nutrition in one day then most people will consume in a month.  

The next vitally important healing principle is natural treatments. This involves spinal massage, acupuncture, soaking your body and feet in herbal baths, yoga, reflexology, enema therapy plus many other treatments. These potent, powerful healing treatments stimulate your body to self heal.

The last principle in healing chronic fatigue syndrome is rest. But this is no ordinary rest. This rest is more like hibernation.

You see it is impossible to heal chronic fatigue syndrome if you never rest or give your body a chance to self heal. You must get complete mental and physical rest. This is done by doing a special rejuvenation retreat, sleep and healing meditation.

Your body has a genius intelligence within it that is a master healer. Just think about what happens when you get a cut, your body automatically heals it.

So too with chronic illness. You body will heal your sick organs and glands if you saturate yourself with high quality nutrition combined with total rest.

Healing is far more simple then you can imagine. But you must do what nature wants. Pain and exhaustion is the only way your body can communicate to you. Pain is there because your body is telling you to please rest so it can do its job and self heal.

In summary chronic fatigue syndrome treatment involves three powerful healing principles of nutritional saturation, natural treatments and complete rest.

Please put these principles into practice and I promise you that you will self heal and defeat chronic fatigue syndrome over time.

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