Do You Understand Fatigue

The fatigue comes from physcial

It is resulted in by overworked. Because increasing of carbon dioxide and lactic acid in the body, cause our muscles nervous, the specific performances are muscle pain, limb weakness, on contrary to this, mentally will no pain but a little of comfortable. And the best way to ease the fatigue is sleep, before you go to bed might as well take a warm bathe or soak the foot with warm water that can eliminate the fatigue more quickly. When you are in the state of sleeping, material metabolism will reduce in whole body, nerve cells can use this opportunity to absorb the various nutrients, preparing the sufficient energy for nerve after awaken. The sufficiency of sleeping make people eliminate fatigue rapidly, keep the vigorous all the day. Of course, reasonable diet can add a large amount of nutrients that consumed by physical, so it is also the necessary measure to solve fatigue.

The fatigue comes from internal of body

At times, pathological fatigue produced not because you have overwork, it is just weakness in heart. As a few of functions of physical are likely to chaotic, secretion and metabolism cause disorder, so when you face something and must to do, but have not any vigorous.

Mental fatigue

It is the most complex fatigue in the symptom of modern social fatigue. The main reason dues to work overload for long time and then cause the formation of chronic fatigue, but we should also consider the factor of spirit pressure. It is worthy of drawing our attention that we often neglect it. Insomnia is the most obvious example of mental fatigue. For example awaken because nightmare, incoherent tosses and other symptoms at night.

Taking sleeping pills maybe the most common way to solve the mental fatigue, but the effect is different person from person. And the experts regard as these ways are very effective to eliminate mental fatigue.

First, should pay attention to psychological health, strengthen the moral character, the mind should be open, in order to reduce the incidence of mental fatigue. Once there, it is timely to express your negative emotions, and not stuffy in the heart, such as looking for close friends to talk with them in heart.

Second, have meals in regulated time. Having meals with regulation, maintain metabolism normal.

Third, join the exercises, people who health can participate in some sports, for instance jogging, swimming, riding the bike and taking a walk. The exercise allow people to full of confidence in the work, so we are able to more stabilization while face with trouble. If activities in the evening, can improve sleeping quality.

Additionally, make full use of time to sleep. Deficiency of sleep is an essential reason for mental fatigue. People who have such a situation, should add one hour of sleeping every day. We need to find the suitable sleeping time under our condition.

Fifth, grasp the energy peak. Some people vibrant in the morning, but there are some people energetic at night, it is very important to find energy peak, so that can arrange your own schedule appropriately.

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