Fatigue And Tiredness In Children


Contrary to what most people think, children also experience tiredness once in a while. This is because their bodies are still not fully developed and their muscles are still considered weak. Children do not so much muscle mass yet that is why their muscles feel strained easily when they do physical activities. 
Children are known to play a lot. They play with friends or family until they lose all their energy. Children are still so young so they do not understand the meaning of self-control completely. As a result, they often push themselves to the limit and use up all their energy which in the end cause them to be tired. It is very important for every parent to look after the children with great care and attention.
Playing and running around are not the only things that make a child tired. There are also factors that can be involved. The first one is lack of sleep. As mentioned earlier, a child’s body is not yet fully developed therefore the child needs enough rest to let the body recover and develop. This is also one reason why children are required to sleep longer than adults do. Do you still remember how your parents urged you to take catnaps in the afternoon? This is because they want you to grow quickly and healthily. According to some studies, 9 hours of sleeping time is advisable for children every night.
The second probable factor that causes tiredness is lack of nutrition. The body grows and functions using nutrients and vitamins. If you take away the nutrition of children, it is the same as taking away their energy. Their bodies are still developing therefore their cells should be kept healthy. It is always great to feed your child only the nutritious food. Avoid providing them junk food as these contain lots of toxins and harmful materials that can slow down the development of cells in a child’s body. You should also control their meal portions as eating too much can also cause them to be tired all day. Eating too much means the digestive system has to work harder. This consumes so much energy so your child will have less energy for playing if this happens. 
It is also important to know that certain tiredness in children may be brought about by underlying medical conditions. There are different diseases that are not obviously manifested but they are already discretely affecting your kid’s growth. One of the possible diseases is anemia. Lack of iron in the body means unhealthy red blood cells. When the red blood cells are not healthy, oxygen and other essential substances will not be distributed properly to the body parts that need them. Fatigue can also be caused by heart or lung problems. Some viruses and bacteria do the same job as well. Anything that weakens the immune system weakens the body. This is because the body will have to fight the viruses and use more energy. Always consult your doctor about your child’s health whenever it is necessary.
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Fatigue and tiredness in children are not so alarming but still need attention. Take care of your child and check the link to learn more on how you can stop it. 
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