Fatigue – Causes and treatment

Many people are suffering from fatigue but they do not know the causes. The following are 12 common causes of fatigue and their treatments.


Food Allergies

Food allergies can make you get itching or hives or make you sleepy, tired, and intolerant after eating.
Treatment: Eliminate foods immediately to see if fatigue continues happening and even take a food allergy test.





Too much caffeine

Contrary to common belief, too much caffeine in coffee can actually causes fatigue instead of stimulating and improving alertness and concentration.
Prevention: Drink little caffeine in coffee, tea, soft drinks and so forth.  




Unknown urinary tract infection

You probably suffer from burning pain and sense of urgency when urinary tract infection is hidden in your body. However, it is not always the main cause. Maybe it is just because of fatigue, which can be confirmed by a urine test.
Treatment: Use antibiotics and the fatigue will disappear in a week





Lack of nutriment
Understandably, eating too little and eating the wrong foods are the cause of fatigue.
Prevention: Have nutritious breakfast which includes protein and complex carbs.  





Women mainly suffer from anemia which occurs when tissues and organs do not receive enough oxygen due to lack of red blood cells.
Treatment: Take iron supplements and eat iron-rich foods in case of iron deficiency.




Sleep Apnea

Simply, sleep apnea stops your breathing many times during the night. Thus, you have to wake up for a moment at each interruption.
Treatment: You should get rid of smoking and sleep with the support of CPAP device.





Although depression is an emotional disorder, its common symptoms are physical ones like fatigue, headaches, and loss of appetite.
Prevention and treatment: Have good timetable of working and resting and use psychotherapy with the addition of medication.





Diabetes prevents sugar in the bloodstreams from entering the body’s cells. Thus, nutriment is deficient in your body despite having a good meal.
Prevention and treatment: Have a good lifestyle and take insulin therapy




Heart Disease

After daily work like cleaning the house and doing gardening, you get fatigue which may be a warning sign of heart disease.
Prevent and treatment: Go to see the doctor to confirm whether it is a disease. Change lifestyles and follow therapeutic procedures





The function of thyroid, neck’s a small gland is to control metabolism. You will feel slow-moving and less smart due to the gland’s quiescence and slow functions of metabolism.
Treatment: Add synthetic hormones if thyroid hormones tested are low.




Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

There is a possible chronic fatigue syndrome if you suffer from fatigue within over six months without knowing causes.
Prevention and treatment: change daily schedule for the best, form a better sleep habits, and do regular and gentle exercises.




Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep which possibly results from workload in our modern lives is one of the common causes of fatigue.
Prevention: sleep at least 7 hours every night




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