Kidney Disease Can Have Disastrous Consequences, Alternative Health Care Options

This may surprise you but more than 300,000 Americans are on kidney dialysis to filter the impurities from their blood that their kidneys and bladder can no longer do. Those relegated to dialysis are seldom functional for more than a few years and die long before their time at an immense cost to society. This is a sad testament to our modern health system and its ability to teach how to prevent this man made diet related disease.

What causes kidney disease?

· Diet overload of food and drink
· Overeating of sugary foods
· Meats
· Carbonated drinks
· Caffeine
· Drug excess for pleasure, over the counter, and prescription drugs
· NSAIDs drugs (Advil, Motrin, and Aleve)
· Diabetes
· Antacids
· Heavy metal poisoning

Kidney stones have long afflicted mankind as they have discovered them in a 7000 year old mummy. (A kidney stone is an accumulated inorganic waste that form in the bladder and can become trapped in the urinary tract).

The incidence of kidney disease had risen each decade since world war two in the USA that is directly linked to:

· Low fiber intake
· High fats from large quantities of animal protein
· Sugary foods
· Excess alcohol
· Excess salt
· Excess food intake in general

Signs you may be afflicted with kidney problems:

· Pain full frequent urination
· Chronic lower back pain
· Chills and fever
· A dull ache in the back
· Nausea, fever, and vomiting.
· Fatigue
· Itching
· Bad taste in mouth
· Shortness of breath
· Extreme pain if a stone catches which results in excruciating radiating pain, followed by painful urination, blood in the urine

Natural health practice offers a way to eliminate the accumulation of inorganic materials in the body.

· Distilled water to dissolve and flush inorganic waste
· Kidney stone flush diet
· Kidney herbal flush
· Heat Therapy on lower back
· Fiber supplements

The various diets and herbal supplements are available both on line and in your health food store. Hydration is a key element in the health of kidneys. If you dry up chances are increased that you will suffer from this lifestyle disease.

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