Diabetes is Well Treated

Many patients with Diabetes only know that they needs to control the blood glucose level, if blood glucose level increases, they will get upset. But is it enough only to control blood glucose level?

Then how to judge if Diabetes is well treated?

As we know, Diabetes is easy to cause many kinds of complications, so it’s very necessary for patients with Diabetes to pay attention to those complications.

If Diabetes is well treated, there will be low risk that acute complications of Diabetes will occur. To make the metabolism of sugar, lipid, protein, water, salt and acid-base keep metabolism balance is very important, in order to avoid the acute complications of diabetes mellitus.

In specific, it aims to make the patients’ blood sugar, protein and blood lipid keep in normal ranges, and to make water and salt in the blood, and the PH value keep balanced. Besides, the patients with diabetes need to pay attention to prevent diabetic ketoacidosis, hyperosmolar nonketotic diabetic coma and other acute complications.

If Diabetes is well treated, patients with Diabetes won’t go blood, won’t suffer from uremia, mayhem or premature death.


  If Diabetes is well treated, patients will feel they have enough spirit and physical strength to take part in the regular work and daily routines, enjoying the common life just like other healthy people.

As long as Diabetes is well treated, patients with Diabetes will enjoy a better life. With the application of Stem Cell Transplant, more and more patients with Diabetes could enjoy a better life. 

Then what are stem cell transplant?

Stem Cell Transplant Treatment Technique System. It constitutes the second supportive characteristic core treatment technical system of Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital. Our hospital has introduced Stem Cell Transplant to kidney disease treatment as a brand new method, which has showed its tremendous vitality. Because stem cell has the powerful ability of self-renewal (multi-generation fission) and multi-direction differentiation (transform to different directions), then on kidney disease treatment, it has unlimited possibilities, and has tremendous vitality in recovering and regeneration of inherent renal cells. The application of this treatment technology in our hospital has greatly improved the treatment effect of kidney disease.

If you are have diabetes, you can use stem cell transplant, it is bad.

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