Eat Well, Live Well With Diabetes

Diabetes is a serious disorder of insulin and glucose metabolism, and requires many dietary restrictions to stay healthy, active, and live a long life.

With the help of homecare medical equipment to help monitor glucose levels, diabetic patients can restore some normalcy to their dietary lives.

Eating foods rich in lean protein, such as broiled chicken or fish fillets are nutritious and delicious dinner choices. Portion control is absolutely essential in control of diabetes. Get used to weighing food at first, then you will be able to gauge on sight alone what a proper protein or complex carbohydrate portion looks like. Complex carbohydrates include brown rice, quinoa, whole grain breads and cereals and beans. Be sure to check the cereals and breads for added sugars. Dextrose, fructose and high fructose corn syrup are all sugars. Avoid products that contain these ingredients.

Diabetic patients are given diet choices and restrictions by their physicians or physician’s assistants. They will be glad to answer any questions on diet, especially with newly diagnosed patients. A diagnosis of diabetes is not to be taken lightly, and the informed patient is a good patient who wants to take control of their illness, and live a healthy long life.

Diabetes patients who do not care with their diets can suffer irreversible organ damage, obesity, have excess fat in the blood, and put themselves at very high risk for heart attacks, strokes and kidney disease. When treated correctly and early, these symptoms can be lessened or avoided.

Diabetics, unfortunately, need to test their blood glucose levels daily. Deliverable home healthcare supplies make this task easy. Along with homecare medical equipment delivered directly to the patient’s home for glucose monitoring, diabetics can monitor their glucose easily and as painlessly as possible.

Many diabetics may have to alter their diets drastically than what they were used to eating. While they may be able to indulge in those foods on occasion, foods with added sugar need to be avoided. Getting used to eating fruit and no sugar added treats is an adjustment, but can be done. In fact, it must be done. Many supermarkets have expanded the types of foods they carry to include sections of sugar free foods for diabetics. Many of them are quite tasty and seem to be very indulgent without eating restricted foods. Check with local stores to find out where they can be purchased.

With homecare medical equipment, checking glucose at home is easy and fast. Patients will know right away if their glucose is off, and they can correct it immediately.

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