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Some time back the famous scholar – Bernard Shaw was walking on the road thinking seriously about a problem.

By that time, a youth aged 18 years came to him and asked him: “Sir, I want to live in this world  well. Will you please show me as to how I can live better.”

Bernard Shaw agreed to his proposal and  told him that it would some time for him to explain the various ways by which any person could live well.

The boy agreed and went along with Shah.

Shah talked to the youth – about politics, education, love, prosperity, economy, history, astronomy and many other subjects.

It took nearly one hour for him to tell some fare ideas about those subjects to the young boy

He asked the boy: “Have you understood what I had said?”

The boy nodded his head and asked him again: “How can these things help me to live well?”

Without answering his questions, Shah continued his journey and the boy also went along with him.

Finally Shah reached a river. Water was flowing in the river with  great force and some people were found to be taking a bath near the banks of the river.

Shah removed his overcoats and wearing a swim suit he started moving into the water. He signaled the boy to accompany him.

The boy also removed all his clothes and wearing his swim suit he followed Shah into the water.

Shah was finally having his entire body inside the water except his neck and head. The boy also came near him and his neck and head were above the water and he looked into the eyes of Shah.

Suddenly Shah caught hold of the boy and pushed his head into the water. The boy’s head was inside the water for some seconds and he started moving his hands here and there so that his head can come outside the water.

Shah was tightly holding his head and the boy in order to breathe a fresh air struggled hard to remove Shah’s hands from his head.

Finally Shah removed his hands from the boy’s head and now the boy looked outside the water trembling terribly

He asked: “Sir, I asked you to show me the way to live and not to die”

“Yes, I had shown you the way to live”

“When your head was under the water, what were your thoughts”, he questioned the boy.

“I thought of getting a fresh air into my lungs” – the boy replied

“The same way, you should put your best efforts in all your endeavors so that you can come up in your life” – Shah replied.

“Life’s battles don’t always go to stronger or faster men; it goes to people who believe that they can”

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