Trees for Health and Happiness

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. Sometimes the gentlest remedies result in the best health. Right now I’m thinking of trees.

Trees, you may ask? Yes, trees. They clean the air. They provide shade, which lowers energy bills in our houses and draws us outside in good weather to enjoy the outdoors.

Some trees also provide food, in the form of nuts, berries, fruit, or syrup. Trees are useful as well as beautiful.

Generally speaking, trees are very easy to plant and grow. You just need a little knowledge about what grows well in your area, when to plant, and how to give your trees a good start.

For some trees, you also need the right gear for safely pruning and harvesting. For example, you may need a pole saw for trimming dead branches.

One place to get good tree gear is SherrillTree, arboriculture experts for over 50 years.  They primarily sell professional arborwear and tools to professionals, but they also sell (at reasonable prices, too) to anyone who wants to tend their trees safely and efficiently.

Brought to you by our friends at SherrillTree.

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