Longevity Is The Key

With summer approaching at high speed, and the world’s changing climate, consumers in the UK now have to look for solutions to keep cool in the summer months, and if we are to believe what we read in the papers and listen to on the television the whole world is plunging into vast climate change.  We have started to notice this for several years now that the summers in the UK are getting hotter and hotter.


There are many benefits of purchasing a portable air conditioning system for the coming summer and if maintained well will last you for many years to come.  Modern models providing temperature moderation for both summer and winter months are extremely energy efficient and perfect for all budgets.  The benefits of outstanding features such as increased cooling capacity, low noise, a water recycling system for increased energy, self diagnosis and timer functions, remote control and speed controls, but more importantly the option for a heater and cooler makes is functional all year round.


Climachill leading Air Conditioning and Electrical Contractors in Sussex are a ‘one stop’ shop in terms of all aspects of air conditioning installations, and planned maintenance.  They definitely advocate the purchase of portable air conditioners and that is because they supply the new generation portable air conditioning units, which offer the latest technological advances in this fast growing industry.


Climachill’s portable air conditioning units feature the ‘Heat Pump’ heating technology.  With this heat pump technology the unit heats up quickly so the conventional electric fan heater is a thing of the past.  If that is not enough to prove the case for portable air conditioning systems, your Climachill portable system is friendly to the environment because the Heat Pump heating technology is so efficient will reduces power usage, and is 3 times more efficient than your electric heater.


The literal meaning of longevity is long life, prolonged existence, permanence, durability, endurance, and Climachill’s portable air conditioning units are all of these things, if you are in the market for a solution to cooling your home this summer look no further, Climachill is head and shoulders above the competition and whether you want an air conditioning system designed for your specific needs or a portable air conditioning system Climachill is your first and last port of call.


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