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What if I were to tell you, EVERYTHING you’ve EVER been told about health, sickness & actually staying healthy… Was a joke! Pretty remarkable, but I remember when I was growing-up, the FDA said we needed 2 servivngs of fruits & vegetables a day.

Now It’s 5 Servings A Day!

When did that happen? And, why wasn’t it 5 servings, back then? To be completely honest with you the FDA has NEVER had your best interests in mind. They are pretty much bought & sold by the powerful drug companies, that NEED for ‘you’ to stay sick. If you stop taking their drugs… They go out of business!

And that’s why the release of the Longevity Now Program, by David Wolfe, is so crucial to your health. Real Health.

Longevity Now is David Wolfes’ life work. If you are not familiar with him, you should be… He has dedicated his life to achieving optimal health through proper nutrition. He is considered by his peers to the leading authority on super nutrition.

With Longevity Now, David plans to change the way you think about health. Only the latest, most cutting-edge technology with the science to back it up. A simple, step by step method that can add quality years to ANYONES life.

Longevity Now is a multi-media product that includes:

• A 400+ page book teaching the complete Longevity NOW system (and the science and research behind it)
• Over 7 audio CDs where David Wolfe personally leads you through the program. Great for easy reference and quick-start information.
• DVDs of the 1st Longevity Weekend where David shared the stage with cutting-edge authorities on nutrition, longevity, natural healing, raw food, edge-of-awareness technologies and products, and more.
• Digital member’s area and e-course to keep you dialed in and updated with the latest information, research, and longevity breakthroughs.

By brining “Delicious Foods and Healing Technologies into ‘OUR’ Daily Lifestyle That Are Inexpensive, Simple, Delicious and Exhilarating.” No more, will living a healthy, quality lifestyle, be out of reach financially. Like the quote says… These are ‘Simple & Inexpensive.

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Longevity Now … The Latest Cutting-Edge Health & Longevity Secrets Is Set To ROCK The Health Industry. For All The Latest Information & A FREE Report on “Superfoods That Heal” Visit: http://LongevityNowProgram.org
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