Questions about Jogging Longevity

Running has a huge influence on life. In 1958, one of the greatest runner died. He nearly jogs for 50 years. In 1909 he took part in a cross-country race ranking fourth. In his last match he finished nine point three miles game. When he was 21, he attended in his first race. And he withdrew form the race in his sixty-nine. In his 49 years running life, he made a breakthrough and recorded a new data. He received 7 times championship in 34 times marathon game. And he in total attended in more than one thousand times games which one hundred times were the whole marathon race. After his death he was regarded as the father of marathon in a serious and solemn journal. Besides jogging, his life history is black and white. He was born in a farm in Ohio. His father was dead when he was eight. Two years later his whole family moved to Massachusetts. In 1915 he got the arts degree in Harvard. And later he also got his master’s degree in Boston University. He had worked in a reform school and a newspaper office. When he was old, he ran a small farm. He jogs in his entire life. Sometimes he finished checking paper and go home to feed his cows and chickens and then he would take part in the marathon game. His long times running produced some interesting effects on his body.

After his death experts dissected his body. They found that he has a big heart but belongs to the normal range. His artery is a little atherosclerosis. But as for his old ages this kind of phenomenon is slight. His heart coronary artery is twice than the common people. The magazine of New England made a conclusion about this autopsy. It is said that according to the data, high intensity movements have no had effect on the body. He has the talent of sport. Some doctors thought that he cannot die for the heart disease.

We are in line with the acknowledged characteristics to judge his body. We may find that he looked better than the young guys. When he knew that he had the cancer he also attended in the marathon game. He has a big heart coronary so that his blood can move quickly. When he was sixty he still could took part in many extreme sports. In many important aspects, he was still a young man. There are a lot of people have the same situation with him. But it is not easy to answer that whether runners can live longer than the others. If a rat exercises everyday its life time will be longer than the other one. Yet in fact this theory just suits the mouse not man. Therefore the investigators must adapt this result cautiously. Besides we should pay attention to the count matters. A famous physical professional provided a lot of suggestions to us. He said that it is difficult to prove the cause and effect relation between longevity and exercises. He also told us that the causal standard is very hard to achieve. Perhaps human beings could get some advices from the traditional events and the ancient examples.

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