The Longevity Road

A lot of doctors have negative attitude on the policy of the longevity institute. A doctor wrote a letter to the local newspapers “Banta Barbara News” to express his view that the policy of the longevity institute would not solve the problem thoroughly and the time of the result is short, It meant that the center had adopted a policy of wound dressing.
Yet, some of the policies of the longevity institute were still worth studying. For example, A patient who was suffering from coronary artery disease refused to do the surgery of coronary artery which was intricacy and costly, so he wanted to adopt the theory of the longevity institute. A patient said he had spent twenty-five thousand dollars on doing the surgery. The average cost is 10,000 to 15,000 dollars. Although the effective results might be brought by doing the surgery of coronary artery sometimes, it did not cure the disease. About twenty percent of the people who had done the surgery relapsed in a year. The policy of the longevity institute was to participate in sports and to refuse to eat less fat foods. The leaders of the longevity believed this way can dredge the blocked vessel so that the patient would not do the surgery of coronary artery any more.
A fifty-five years old man has felt chest pain for six years and the doctor told he should do the surgery of coronary artery. But he began to do the exercises according to the policy of the longevity institute instead of doing the surgery of coronary artery. Thirty days later, he walked four miles a day, he did not to eat the drug of chest pain any longer. His doctor said that he had already been well and could do some fierce sports.
The relationship of these cases and the longevity is that geriatric and physical aging is integrated together. Therefore, if we can control the disease or reverse it, the aging process will actually be reversed.
The last example is the favorite of the chief of the longevity institute. Euler·Weaver is an 81-year-old woman in Santa Monica},she had hypertension and the function of the heart and joint began to decline. She could only walk one hundred feet, the blood circulation was very slow, and then she began to participate in sports according to the longevity institute. She ran one mile every morning, rode ten to fifteen miles in a stationary bicycle and also went to gym twice a week. After four years, she was eighty-five years old, In the old Olympic Game of the half a mile and one mile race which was hold in Irvine, California, she was the champions. Second years, she won the championship.
Though we do not have sufficient evidence, we can find that running is helpful to extend the life and delay the senescence. Doing the sport can promote the regeneration of the brain and other cells. Today the view that running can extend the life is supported by many people. We can find that running is beneficial to the health according to this evidence we only master. Though the reasoning is not invulnerable, it is well founded.

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