Relaxation Techniques For Anxiety

To relax first, it is important to understand what is anxiety and where does it set off from. Anxiety in simple terms is the state of being anxious. Anxious is nothing but worry and worry comes from thoughts. Thoughts come from our psychic impressions that are stored within us in the subconscious mind that is the accumulation of experiences from so many lifetimes. So, when anxiety strikes what usually happens is the panic button is hit and then there is a vicious cycle of more worries thus triggering more anxiety and so on.

Understanding anxiety is the first step to cure it. It can be cured by none other than the self. Medications and counseling help only to a certain degree but it still does not address the root cause of the anxiety. That is why relaxation helps a great deal because during relaxation the thoughts causing anxiety are not active. That is why you never get anxiety when you are asleep because the mind is in deep relaxation mode. This relaxation can be consciously obtained by many methods such as meditation, positive contemplation, and prayer, being in nature like walking on a beach, splashing the water, walking on grass or simply gazing at the beauty of nature. All these connect you with something calm and soothing and fix you into the relaxation mode.

It should be known that when you notice the first symptom of anxiety, which is usually a confusion of the mind, irritation, sweating, racing heart beat, confused behavior, etc, the first thing to be aware of is that you have triggered something that lies within you in the form of fear. The moment this gets triggered the body reacts to the situation (even if it is safe) as a threat and then begins anxiety and the anxious thoughts. With awareness that you have triggered an underlying fear in some way, the first thing to do should be to relax. You will be able to relax only if you understand that there is nothing actually threatening but it is an unresolved thing that you have somehow triggered. So, when you relax with this great understanding you will notice your anxiety starting to subside. Remind yourself constantly there is nothing to be worried about and get into relaxation mode. When the mind starts relaxing to a trigger of anxiety, the mind starts retraining this pattern and slowly just as a thought created the anxiety, the anxiety will create a relaxing mind. All this would depend on how strongly you train your mind repeatedly to do this. Eventually, if you are strong willed to reprogram your mind with relaxation, you notice that you would be slowly able to conquer anxiety

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The best practice is that instead of
relaxing when anxiety strikes,
why not relax oneself in every task and moment of life. This training of
learning to relax in life
regularly would be the greatest prevention from anxiety then waiting for it to
happen and trying to cure it.
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