Relaxation Versus Anxiety

How do I relax? This question is very important. Did you ever ask it yourself?

While you are suffering an anxiety attack, the question does not come up. There is no space for it. You are under stress. It expresses itself as difficulty of breathing. Or your heart is racing, or your knees are like butter. These are some signs  of suffering an anxiety attack. Once the attack is over, you feel tired.

Obviously, you have spent a lot of energy. In order to regain your energies, you need to relax. How do you do it?  There are many simple ways. Try to yawn. Or wear a smile. A smile on your face relaxes your whole body. Deep breathing is also an easy to use tool. Inspire thruugh your nose and expire through your mouth. Do this various times. With every breath you feel that your body relaxes more and more. You see that you don’t need any tools or equipment in order to reach your goal. Try to relax every day. Do it whenever you get aware of your tensions. Don’t allow tension to build up. Interrupt their game. You have it in your hands. When you are relaxed, you do better work. When you do better work, you are more satisfied. When you are satisfied or even happy, anxiety attacks don’t show up so often. If they do show up, they are certainly not so devastating.

To relax is also a means to improve your over all health. All organs work better if the body is relaxed. A relaxed body means also a relaxed mind. And you can bet that a relaxed mind calms your thoughts. So, be sure to relax whenever you think of it.

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