Rest and Relaxation

Youre so tired of you job. And then suddenly you are so upset with your boss, your life, and your work. After having worked there for years, you just realized it is not so self-fulfilling anymore. You feel like you need to get away but have nowhere to go. You are burning yourself out by way too much work. And you have forgotten that you sometimes have to rest, to unwind, and to pamper yourself.

Sometimes we get tired of being around too much. Having other people rely on us so much that we tend to be fearful of the responsibilities. You want to opt out without living your job of so many years. It is not just you who has been feeling that way, everybody at one point in their lives felt it and wants to just let go without doing anything.

I want to change how things work for you and that is why I want you to try to treat your own confusions, at this point. Who would care so much for you other than yourself? It is a good thing we have so much recreational opportunities now; the malls which have all the sorts of computer games in the arcade, theaters, fast foods, fancy restaurants, spas, massage clinics, dental and medical services, internet shops, coffee shops, and so much more. It is just a building away from your work, waiting for you to realize that it is there.

And just on the other end of the street, there is a big paintball arena where you could invite your officemates to go to at the end of the work week. You can even ask your boss to play with you; this may just be your time to unload what you have been feeling. Let your emotions out, anyway, it is not a boss-employee relationship anymore inside the paintball arena. You are two opposing teams in a battle. Aim that paintball gun and shoot them all. And you might just realize after that game that you are back, after all the confusions you may be having for quite sometime. You just need a break. Do paintball on a Friday night, should be the last day of the work week, for you to have something to look forward to. You just might be missing something that is important. You have just focused on work and you forgot that it is equally important as rest and relaxation. Paintball is one great de-stresser or a great way to remove stress.

It is always a good thing to take a day out of your busy schedule. There is a lot to enjoy; you only have to make time for it. Relaxation is never wasting your income into something unimportant; you deserve a break. If you make time for relaxation and unwinding, you might find yourself enjoying in the office. It is just a matter of having a time out. And in this time of financial crisis and recession, you have to start loving your job and even the boss!

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