Techniques for eye relaxation

For people who are tired of prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses and are still doubting about the benefits of laser eye surgery, the book named “How to Return Beauty and Clear Vision Back To Your Eyes” offers some of the easiest Eye Relaxation Techniques.


The first technique is to close the eyes halfway down, which will cause the upper eyelids to tremble with different amplitude constantly. Eye relaxation can be achieved by concentrating the efforts on stopping this trembling. A second technique is even simpler. Waking up from sleep in the morning, it is helpful to massage the bottom eyelids in a circular motion using the middle fingers. Another easy way to relax the eyes is to blink for a minute with the eyes closed. Fourthly, it is also effective in gaining eye relaxation by keeping the eyes closed and concentrating all the attention on the eye sockets. It is possible to feel the warmth behind the eyes. During this process, complementary requirements include relaxing other organs, such as the mouth, ears, upper eyelids, forehead and the crown of the head.


In addition to those aforementioned eye relaxation techniques that are extremely simple, there are additional techniques that are relatively complex. One of them requires the person to close the eyes slowly, thinking that the eyelids are made of puffy, cottony clouds. Imagine the place behind the eyes getting warm and feel the blood flowing through the eye sockets. It also requires an exerciser to imagine the breezy oxygenized air coming through the nose into the eyes, washing each eye’s blood vessel while inhaling. And then exhale through the mouth. Another technique involves imagining two dots on the wall and switching vision between them repeatedly. Meanwhile, imagine that you are a lazy cat which is falling asleep while keeping attention to the fly. The book also offers some other techniques for eye relaxation, such as acupressure massage and contrast eye bathing.


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