3 Sylvanian Families Sets – Dentist, Nurse & Doctor – Medical Theme

Sylvanian Families are a series of great, imaginative toys for young children that originated in Japan. The series, which contains various distinctive animal characters, shops, detailed homes and other accessories, is set in a wooded area (sylvan means forest) and has gained a worldwide following among parents, children and collectors.

Product Features

  • 3 different Sylvanian Families Sets with a medical theme bundled together at one low price
  • Nurse Set includes the mother nurse rabbit with cute nurse outfit, wheelchair, cart and various nursing equipment
  • Dentist Set includes dental rabbit dentist, chair, stool, tray, light, mask and various dental equipment
  • House Call Doctor includes rabbit dentist, bike, bag, stethoscope, etc.
  • Guaranteed to provide hours of fun for any child that likes to play doctor.

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