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BellyBottle is a patented hydration tracking water bottle for pregnant women. It helps you easily reach your recommended daily water intake for a healthy pregnancy. It’s also a fun way to track your pregnancy progress using week by week pregnancy milestone stickers!

Why? During pregnancy, a woman gains 25-35 pounds in order to accommodate her growing baby. Given this increase in weight, the woman’s daily water intake rises to over 90 oz. in order to maintain a healthy pregnancy!

Easily track pregnancy water intake Follow the doctors’ recommended pregnancy water intake throughout the day, everyday. The BellyBottle (tracking 96 oz. of water a day) makes it simple and accurate to stay on track by the hour.

Improve pregnancy nutrition: With all the prenatal vitamins, exercise, and food nutrition goals you’re pursuing, it’s barely effective with poor water intake. Proper hydration helps transport and absorb essential nutrients into the baby’s growing cells, faster.

Reduce pregnancy symptoms: Common pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness, nausea relief, heartburn, indigestion, constipation, and body swelling can find relief with correct water intake which properly hydrates body mechanics.

Prevent dehydration: Pregnant or not, lack of proper hydration causes headaches, cramping, dizziness.

Pregnancy safe: BellyBottle is a patented custom Nalgene water bottle Made in the U.S.A. from Tritan material which is 100% BPA Free, a chemical that has been found to disrupt natural hormones. Keep the baby safe and your taste buds happy without dangerous chemicals which will never leach a plastic taste into your water.

Enjoy the pregnancy calendar! The week by week stickers serve as a fun pregnancy memory book diary. The stickers are waterproof so the BellyBottle is completely dishwasher safe. Just make sure you use a sharpie marker when writing in your due date!

Product Features

  • EASILY TRACK PREGNANCY WATER INTAKE: stay on track with your increased water intake throughout the day
  • IMPROVE PREGNANCY NUTRITION: consistent water intake helps transport and absorb prenatal vitamins into the growing cells
  • REDUCE PREGNANCY SYMPTOMS: morning sickness, heartburn, indigestion, constipation, body swelling
  • PREVENT DEHYDRATION: headaches, cramping, dizziness
  • PREGNANCY SAFE: Nalgene Bottle BPA FREE made in U.S.A

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