Brain Wave

Unbeknown to its inhabitants, the solar system has for millions of years been caught in a force field that has had the effect of suppressing intelligence. When in the course of normal galactic movement the solar system breaks free of the force field that has held it in its sway for so long, gone are the inhibiting effects and a remarkable change begins to sweep across the earth.

Brain Wave is a fascinating “what if” novel and an exploration into the ways in which human society is organized and the assumptions that are made about how we value life. It is also a novel about equality and what happens when the hierarchical structures that we know and arrange our lives by finally disappear.

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2 comments for “Brain Wave

  1. mathilde de gardin "mathilde_de_gardin"
    November 28, 2013 at 4:19 AM

    An IQ of 400+ for everybody in the world What if – - – . What if earth, after millennia, leaves a part of space in which an unknown phenomena has (up untill then) dampened the IQ of the earthlings? What if everyone’s IQ suddenly jumps up with 400%?

  2. Maximiliano F Yofre "Maxi"
    November 28, 2013 at 4:44 AM

    Intelligence enhancement: gift & curse. I’ve read this novel when I was a teenager in the mythical Argentinean sci-fi magazine “Más Allá”. It was published in the last two volumes edited. I’ve treasured my collection for more than 40 years. Time and again I reread the most outstanding novels and short stories kept there as in a time shell.”Brain Wave” is one of the best novels written by Poul Anderson.The argument is great: suddenly all sentient beings start to change. Everybody is more intelligent each day. Cattle start to avoid slaughter. Horses refuse to be saddled. Brock, a moron peasant, start to have lucid insights and want to read.The rest of humankind tries to cope with emotional disturbance, weird dreams, creativity shocks, religious surges and many more strange “symptoms”.Anderson analyzes this impossible situation and shows the reader a kaleidoscopic maddening universe. Little by little things began to fall in place and a new civilization emerges from chaos.The follow up of the story is done by some key characters ranging from the retarded Brock, thru the ordinary housewife distressed by the new unsolicited abilities till her scientific husband and his neighbors.The novel has an optimistic conclusion as was styled in the blessed `50s sci-fi.Take a romp thru it, you won’t be disappointed!Reviewed by Max Yofre.

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