Brain Waves Puzzle Book

Treat your brain to hours of mind-boggling fun with this puzzle book. You’ll moan, groan, chuckle, and cheer as you steer your way through challenging cross grids, tricky teaser, clever crosswords, silly riddles, and so much more!

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2 comments for “Brain Waves Puzzle Book

  1. Anonymous
    December 17, 2012 at 11:03 AM

    Tricky but awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got this for a road trip and WOW!!!! Me and, suprisingly, my teenage BROTHER spent hours figuring out these topsy-turvy puzzles, riddles, et cetera. I recommend this to any girl 10 and up whos’ going on a trip or just has too much time on their hands. It’ll take a long time, so road trips and hotel visits are PERFECT for this puzzle book by the American Girl Library. I also recommend another puzzle book, WHAT A GIRL LOVES, for any traveler. Its just as much fun!!!

  2. Anonymous
    December 17, 2012 at 5:26 PM

    MiNd BoGGLiNG FuN! This book is an absolute boredom buster! It is perfect for any place and any time- great to do in the airplane or waiting at the dentist’s office or even just at home! It contains 117 pgs of many interesting & fun puzzles, some very challenging, some simply easy. Even though the age range given is 9-12 years, a lot of the puzzles are hard even for an adult!! I loved solving the puzzles in the book and sometimes I did them together with my mom & dad! Even though it has quite a lot of puzzles, it is very addicting and mine is already done so I’m going to be buying the other American Girl puzzle book- “What a Girl Loves”..I dont know if it’ll be as good or not but all I know is Brain Waves is definitely a book a girl will love!!

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