Complementary & Alternative Therapies for Nursing Practice (3rd Edition)

Providing a comprehensive overview of alternative health practices and complementary therapies from a nursing perspective, this enlightening and informative resource covers the principles, techniques, research, health promotion methods and healing practices for specific illnesses and symptoms. This newly updated third edition incorporates the latest research findings, expanded resource sections, additional photographs, and thoroughly updated material. This is a perfect resource for nurses and practitioners in allied health fields who seek to expand their practice to offer wider choices to consumers of health care.

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2 comments for “Complementary & Alternative Therapies for Nursing Practice (3rd Edition)

  1. P. L. Rogers "Future R.N."
    May 25, 2013 at 10:57 AM

    Easy to read! This is a great introductory text to holistic therapies used in the medical field. As a BSN student, I appreciate a text that is concise, easy to read, and provides good information in small chapters. I recommend this to anyone who wants to learn about the various types of therapies. However, if you want a book to focus on a specialty, this is not it.

  2. Kathy "Intrepid Reader"
    May 25, 2013 at 4:12 PM

    Good resource for Practitioners and Patients alike. All practitioners of the Alternative and Complimentary Therapies should own this book (Despite the high price point)! This is a textbook, but is extremely accessible to all readers. Ms. Fontaine obviously did her homework and presents her material with a clear concise voice that doesn’t render any judgment but is nonetheless exciting in its positive content and direction. There are countless citations for the lovers of studies and research to refer to. As an advocate and practitioner in “Alternative” energy medicine , I applaud the authority this book offer to the entire field of Complementary Therapies. I hope this book is offered to mainstream health care pracitioners and students in the spirit it was most likely written… to offer an overview and supporting information for the consideration of the holistic nature of our well being. For those who are struggling against the tide to legitimize our experience of healing and health in these areas…get this book…it will be a wonderful resource.

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