Conducting Clinical Research: A Practical Guide for Physicians, Nurses, Study Coordinators, and Investigators

Conducting Clinical Research: A Practical Guide for Physicians, Nurses, Study Coordinators, and Investigators, 2nd edition, is a step-by-step how-to manual for both experienced medical professionals and novices looking to enter the field of clinical studies.

Explains how to land a study on good terms

Provides tips for recruiting patient volunteers–and keeping them happy

Offers easy strategies for coordinating studies

Demystifies regulatory requirements

With a comprehensive index and appendices, this book has been adopted by university health sciences programs across the country.

The first edition was a Ben Franklin Awards 2007 Finalist and a 2007 Finalist in ForeWord Magazine’s reference category for professional/technical books.

New, expanded, and completely updated sections keep readers abreast of changes in the rapidly shifting global drug development industry, including new regulations affecting research, subject injury clauses, the unique needs of device and vaccine trials, the impact of HIPAA on U.S. research, cultural competency and health literacy, ethical considerations in clinical research, and how to survive audits.

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2 comments for “Conducting Clinical Research: A Practical Guide for Physicians, Nurses, Study Coordinators, and Investigators

  1. Herbert S. B. Baraf
    November 14, 2013 at 10:59 PM

    At last a readable, real and useful resource for the aspiring clinical researcher This is an accessible, real-world review of what is involved in establishing a clinical trials program. Practical, sometimes humorous and disarmingly honest approaches to the clinical trials process make this book an essential and valuable resource to the aspiring physician investigator, to clinical trials coordinators and administrators. Dr Stone has done a service to community and academic physicians who seek to become involved and to succeed in the clinical trials world. I wish I had this book 25 years ago when I first established my practice’s program!Not just a guide, but a source of wit and wisdom. Dr Stone has taken a dry topic and written a guidebook that is actually fun to read.The Center for Rheumatology and Bone ResearchWheaton, Maryland Washington, DC

  2. Julia B. Frank, MD "Associate Professor of Ps...
    November 14, 2013 at 11:02 PM

    Everything you always wanted to know about clinical research but were afraid to ask This readable, lively text provides an essential road map through the slough of despond for anyone who conducts or has contemplated conducting clinical research. Pitfalls, quicksand, torrents and deserts await the unprepared traveller into such hostile country, and Dr. Stone’s guidebook provides up to date, detailed and useful instructions on how to avoid them all. The author speaks with the voice of long and sometimes daunting experience, yet her tone is unceasingly encouraging, engaging and inspiring. With corporations dictating the national medical research agenda, inside and outside academic medical centers, the ground rules for a productive research career have changed. Research is now open to anyone who sees patients, and no longer requires the ability to design complex studies and interpret statistical data. Instead, it demands understanding of legal and market forces, methods for to negotiating, organizing and maintaining a team based enterprise, and a large dose of humility and good humor. All of these Dr. Stone offers, along with such critical tools as forms to be used for different types of studies, references to books and internet resources, guidelines to assure that research is conducted ethically, and information on where to get further training and help. Any health professional who has ever wanted to join the research enterprise will find something useful in this book, and those already on board will be carried forward to new heights of productivity and reward.

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