Diets DON’T Work! How I Lost 120 Pounds Without Dieting

If you are anything like me, you have tried every diet on the market, and some that your friends have shared.

These gimmicks do work, temporarily, however the results are rarely lasting. Before you know it the pounds you shed have returned, and brought along a few friends. This yo-yo dieting cycle is not only discouraging, but it is unhealthy. Your body was not designed to fluctuate so drastically, in a relatively short period of time.

Each year, desperate dieters trying to lose weight spend millions of dollars. We join gyms, and then don’t go. We feel guilty, so we sneak a bit of candy. We starve ourselves to lose ten pounds, but in two weeks time you have put on twelve.

It’s a difficult struggle. I know. I have been there. I would like to tell you how I have lost more than 120 pounds without dieting. That’s right. No dieting. I cannot stress this enough. You cannot change your weight by denying the foods you love and crave. If you want to know my secret, read on.

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2 comments for “Diets DON’T Work! How I Lost 120 Pounds Without Dieting

  1. maryelleng
    November 11, 2013 at 3:30 PM

    Finally Realistic Weightloss Ideas from an Everyday Person! Finally a true story presented by an author who is a “regular” person not the usual nutritional guru who touts drastic food adjustments with only temporay results. It is about time someone has written a common sense book that tells the honest truth that diets do NOT work — only a lifestyle change with purpose and committment and exercise will work. Author presents her true life story in a well-written easy read manner and she offers very thought-provoking ideas in every chapter which really makes the reader become involved in considering how he/she would start the weight loss process and be successful. Liked the 80/20 rule which allows for flexibility in that a person can still choose to eat or drink in the “real world” at a party or restaurant or in one’s own home. Once I started to read the book, I couldn’t put it down — I wanted to know the entire story of her weightloss journey. Her frankness about her own health problems and those within her own family along with examples of some of the rude, judgmental comments made by thoughtless individuals really struck home makes the reader stop and think about themselves & their own experiences.I’d really like to be able to have this book in paperback form for easy reference and gift the book to others.Kudos Veronica and thanks for sharing your journey and inspirational story! I know my journey of “baby steps” will be successfull thanks to your words of wisdomMaryEllenG in Wisconsin

  2. Frances A. Phelan-logue "Fun Fran"
    November 11, 2013 at 3:58 PM

    Common sense information I found this book to have a real common sense and doable diet tips. The 80/20 rule is fantastic..something you can use and not have to order special foods or follow special recipes.

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