FlarFX – For Joint & Muscle – For Aches & Pain from Overexertion & Injury – Non Addictive – Enzyme Based Nutritional Supplement – Ideal for All Who Want To Stay Active

Product Features

  • SUPPORTS JOINTS & MUSCLES: Physical overexertion and injury can lead to aches and pains in both joints and muscle tissue. FlarFX is formulated to naturally help support the body’s response to such conditions. FlarFX may provide benefits within as few as 6-7 days. We recommend to allow 3-4 weeks for the benefits to unfold.
  • QUALITY MADE IN THE USA. Manufactured according to cGMP Standards. Formulated based on scientific research in one of the USA’s cutting edge research institutions for enzymes, herbs and bacteria strains. Encapsulated with patented technology. All to support your normal range of flexibility and muscles & joints. Buy with pride and use with confidence.
  • WITH PATENTED TECHNOLOGY FOR PROVEN TARGETED RELEASE: 60 advanced capsules made with DRCapsĀ®, which helps protect the enzymes & herbs from the stomach acid. Delivers deeply into the intestines to get the enzymes to work. DRCapsĀ® are certified Kosher, Vegetarian-society certified & vegan-approved – and many customers consider them easier to swallow and gentle on the stomach.
  • 30-DAY-SUPPLY + BONUS ONLINE YOGA VIDEOS = GREAT HEALTH VALUE! You get 60 capsules with each bottle. Bottle color may vary. Additionally, after you received your bottle, you will get free access to 30+ bonus online health videos with gentle and effective yoga exercises, to support joints & muscles, mobility & strength.
  • SYSTEMIC APPROACH WITH NON-GMO ENZYMES & HERBS, which have been subject of clinical studies. Serrapeptase is a key enzyme when it comes down to help with overexertion on muscle tissue and joints. Fungal Protease Bromelain, Papain and Bacterial Protease help break down & digest damaged proteins, which may become prevalent during overexertion. Devils Claw Root Extract may be a very natural way to address also muscle and routine lower back pain. Ginger Root Extract and White Willow Bark contain ingredients that help the body to give a positive response to aches & pains from overexertion and injuries

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