2 comments for “Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Pain-Rx Revolutionary COX-2 Inhibitor, 90-count Bottle

  1. Memnoch "nanoboy"
    June 17, 2013 at 3:58 PM

    Amazing! I have deteriorated discs in my neck and back that forced me to quit weight lifting. Any movement of weight, be it in the gym or at home moving a table, causes me serious pain. Then add on top two very worn out knees (too many jumps out of airplanes in the military, I guess) and sometimes my pain level is nothing sort of exquisite.I tried this product like so many before, on the desparate hope it would help, to keep me from taking so much tramadol.Wasn’t I surprised when 30 minutes after taking 2 pills, the pain was gone. And it stayed gone for over 8 hours. In fact, I took them at 6pm and woke up the next morning with no pain still.Took two more today, and its the same thing. So its not a one time wonder.This is the real deal, and it is organic, with no side effects I can detect, and it is better than my expensive prescription because it doesn’t make me sleepy.Amazing !

  2. luvmydrafts
    June 17, 2013 at 9:07 PM

    It Works!! I have been using this product for many months now and am amazed at the results. I have a severe back injury from a rodeo accident where a horse fell on me several times causing closed head injuries and lower back problems. I suffered many years even with prescription pain medication. I didnt like taking the narcotics and OTC medication just didnt cut it. I was in search of something, anything to try, to relieve my back pain. I found this product on Amazon and thought I would give it a try. Within just an hour or so of taking two pills, my back pain became tolerable. After my second dose, the pain subsided enough that I could actually work around my horses without thinking about how badly I hurt. After about a week of taking this medication, I did not have to take any prescription narcotics for the pain. Even my break-through pain is helped with Pain-Rx. It may not work for everyone like it has for me, but it would sure be worth a try. I won’t be without this!(BTW, there is no high, no buzz, no dizziness or side effects like that when you take this, it just plain and simply helps the pain.) ;-)

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