How to Care for Aging Parents

How do you find a nursing home? How can you pay for it? Do you need 24-hour assistance or just part-time help? Are you eligible for any financial help from the government? How do you reverse roles and become your parent’s “parent”? Virginia Morris, a health-care journalist who cared for her own father through a terminal illness, has taken a tough subject and turned it into a smart, compassionate, timely book for every child with aging parents. It’s all here-the emotional, medical, financial, and legal issues. She covers what is normal in old age and what is not. She shows how to redefine your relationship with your parent, leaven it with humor, and temper it with reduced expectations. How to make a parent’s world easier to see, easier to hear, easier to get around in. What to expect of a parent with Alzheimer’s, and what to do about it. How to provide home care-everything from putting together an easy-to-dress wardrobe to installing grab bars and reflective tape. And how to get professional help.

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