Jazzercise Live – Total Body Dance Workout

Blast the fat! Burn calories with this 60 minute total body dance workout in a live Jazzercise class. Includes bonus cardio and strength sets.

Product Features

  • Jazzercise Live Includes:
  • 60-minute Total Body Dance Workout, 30-minute Cardio Blast,
  • 20-minute Cardio Blast, On-the-floor Strength Blast, Standing Strength Blast,
  • Interval Workout, Jazzercise Lite Low-impact Option
  • Behind the Scenes

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2 comments for “Jazzercise Live – Total Body Dance Workout

  1. Hilda L. Rood "HildieR"
    April 19, 2013 at 1:09 AM

    Sweating for Sure I’ve taken Jazzercise classes, but can’t afford the expense right now, so I picked up this dvd. While I miss the humor of a class, this still gets me sweating and I can already feel myself starting to get better at the DVD. There are a few different options on the dvd. 30, 20 and 60 min session. So far I’ve only done the 30min piece but I like that there are multiple instructors and there is a dedicated low impact instructor that I can watch for moves that feel just to hard on my knees.Bottom line- I wish I were in class, but this travels better!

  2. kara
    April 19, 2013 at 6:17 AM

    GREAT WORKOUT This is a great DVD! It’s not as good as LIVE classes, but it’s a close second. There’s several different workouts, so I’m not sick of doing the same one over and over. I would suggest this to anyone who hates boring workouts!

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