Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30

Get RIPPED with America’s Toughest Trainer! Jillian Michaels new DVD Ripped in 30 is a comprehensive 30-day diet and exercise plan designed to get you in the best shape of your life! Ripped in 30 is comprised of four 24-minute workouts based on Jillian’s best-selling body shredding 3-2-1 interval system: 3 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of cardio and 1 minute of abs. Each incredible routine has fresh, fun new moves that progress in difficulty over a four-week period (a new workout each week). You’ll start with workout level 1 and advance to workout level 4. Jillian also shows modified moves for both beginners and advanced athletes in each workout. All you have to do to get sick, insane, crazy, amazing results fast is stick with the Ripped in 30 diet and exercise program for 30 days. Get ready to get RIPPED!

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3 comments for “Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30

  1. Ellen B.
    December 27, 2012 at 10:16 AM

    My FAVORITE Jillian Yet! I absolutely love-love-LOVE this workout! It seems to me that Jillian took a lot of feedback she received in regards to her other workouts, specifically 30 Day Shred, and used the praise/criticism to create this incredibly effective workout. There are several changes she made that I really liked:1) The workouts are *slightly* longer than 30 Day Shred, I think because the warm-up and stretching parts are a little longer and more involved.2) LOTS of new moves are incorporated here! You’ll see some familiar exercises, such as side lunges and lunges w/ bicep curls, but Jillian did try to throw in some new stuff that is still very effective. She also claims that she doesn’t repeat ANY moves in any of the other levels. I’ve only gotten through level 1 so far, but I’ll take her word for that.3) In the strength circuits, there are 3 different moves per circuit as opposed to just 2. I personally appreciated this because it allows for more variation, plus in the past I have had trouble doing 1 strength move for a full minute and now you do each strength move for 30 seconds. Very nice!4) I felt like towards the end of circuit 3, things began to cool down a bit – for example, Jillian finishes the final abs circuit with crunches and reverse crunches, which aren’t the most difficult ab moves. In her previous videos she pushes you hard throughout the end, which some people may prefer, but for people like me who have been craving a bit of a cool-down without sacrificing extra time, this is beneficial.5) I like Jillian’s assistants in this video. Some of you might be familiar with Basheera, who I originally liked a lot in 6 Week 6-Pack. Basheera is Jillian’s advanced assistant once again, and I could tell even in level 1 she was getting winded and very tired. Fortunately she did not CHEAT, like Jillian’s other advanced assistant in 30-Day Shred.7) Jillian takes a lot of time and care in instructing form, which is crucial. In the strength circuits, some of the moves are conducted more slowly, but this is not to make it easier – it is to help you concentrate on form! The slower pace gave me more time to sink down lower and really concentrate on what I was doing. I felt in some of Jillian’s other workouts, they would fly through some of the strength moves and I would be struggling to keep up and would instead exercise with poor form. This is NOT the case with this newest video!6) The music is much, much better!Ripped in 30 is by far my favorite Jillian Michaels workout video. I will continue to do it every other day and will throw 6W6P and the Shred in the mix as well. This is a very tough workout but it is enjoyable and goes by quickly. Totally recommend to ANYONE, whether you are beginner, intermediate, advanced, young or old, looking to lose weight or looking to stay in shape. You will NOT regret it!*PS* – I have now lost 30+ lbs. using various Jillian Michaels workouts, 6 of those being lost after I started Ripped in 30, which I got just over a week ago! I am also much stronger, much more flexible, and no longer have pain from a wrist injury I sustained a couple of years ago. Really, if I can achieve all that, I’m sure anyone else out there can.

  2. Mindful Mary
    December 27, 2012 at 4:33 PM

    Holy Cow!!! I got an advanced copy of this DVD from JIllian’s camp so I could blog about it. Let me give a bit of history first, I LOVED 30 Day Shred, Trouble Zones, and Six Week Six Pack the best. So, for me, this DVD is my favorite. It’s done in a similar style but there are FOUR workouts that range from “doable” level 1 notice I did not say easy) to madness level 4. I haven’t been able to do level 4 yet. I followed the DVD’s instructions and spent a week on level 1. Then moved on to level 2 and literally dripped poured sweat. Now I am on level 3. This one requires me to stop and catch my breath, but I am getting through it. So far it’s challenging, but the moves are fresh and Jillian motivates you through it. Plus, the workouts are only 25 minutes, which feels manageable to me even though they are hard core. The other great part about this DVD is that it comes with a 30 day meal plan that lives on her website (no you do not have to pay extra for it – it comes with a code so you can log in). So following the whole plan, thus far in three weeks I have lost 8lbs. Pretty happy about that!

  3. nctmac "Nancy"
    December 27, 2012 at 4:50 PM

    4 Tough Workouts = RESULTS! Ripped in 30 has raised the bar, for me! Four workouts on one DVD, for twelve bucks….impressive. Up until this dvd came out, I was in a workout slump for 6 months. The 3-2-1 system, 3 minutes strength, 2 minutes cardio & 1 minute abs, is tougher than it sounds. I appreciate the system because I know I can push myself for just another minute, even as I feel the burn. Each workout is different and will test your limits, the best thing about them…you won’t get bored! There is a modifier for beginners, however, it is still tough.Each workout has a warm up, 3 circuits (each circuit 3-2-1 system), and cool down. They run about 34 minutes long. You need a weights and a mat. I used 3 lbs. for most exercises, occasionally I used 5 lbs. I’ll do my best to breakdown the workouts =) I will breakdown the circuits only….there is a warm up and cool down on each. Each Strength Circuit is done 2x, as well as the Cardio Circuits.WORKOUT 1Circuit 1Push upsSquat with PressCrescent Pose with tricep kickbacksCardio- Fast Feet Side to side skatersAbs – Plank Hold Hollow ManCircuit 2Deadlift with upright rowSquat swingsGood MorningsCardio- Running Man Squat with punchesAbs – Side Plank Lifts (30 sec.each side)Circuit 3Chair pose with reverse flySide lunges with front raiseLunges with bicep curlsCardio – Butt Kicks Single leg hopsAbs – Crunches Reverse crunchesWORKOUT 2Circuit 1Crescent pose with rowsPendulum lunges with serving bicepsChest press with pelvic thrustCardio – Plank Jacks Mountain ClimbersAbs – Crunch up arm to opp. leg (30 sec. each leg)Circuit 2Side lunge with leg liftStraight leg ab hold into tableCrow Push upsCardio – Jump Rope Squat ThrustsAbs – Ab hold with extension Extend leg, crawl up legCircuit 3Sumo squats with tricep extensionsStork stance with slow rowRenegade rowsCardio – Jab Cross High KneesAbs – Sit ups with leg extensions Crunches with leg raiseWORKOUT 3Circuit 1 (your quads will BURN!)Bear CrawlDuck WalkSquat with Stagger RowsCardio – Squat Jacks SkiersAbs -Twisting Planks Squat ThrustsCircuit 2Stork Stance with Reverse FlySingle leg squat with bicep curlRock and Roll Squats w/ reverse crunchCardio – Squat Jumps Pump arms while holding lungeAbs – Toe tappers with weights Cross mid-section w/leg raise & crunchCircuit 3Down Dog position with drop & presOn ground – lay on side, tricep pressTable Top DipsCardio – Lunge Hops Single Leg Cross HopsAbs – Straight Leg Ab hold Pike CrunchWORKOUT 4Circuit 1Swan dive to plank, alt. legs Crescent PoseSquat with Shoulder pressesSquat with RowsCardio – Plie Hops Jumping jacks kick leg to frontAbs – Knee to nose in Down dog,plank walk Repeat opposite legCircuit 2Supermans w/ shoulder pressRenegade Rows with Push upsCrossover LungesCardio – Burpees Plie jump crossAbs – feet up.. legs drop to side, up, drop to other side Hollow Man raisesCircuit 3Chest Fly with BridgesChaturanga Push upsForearm Push upsCardio – Plank Moguls Double Jump RopeAbs – Ab roll up w/ leg raise and crunch (1 min.)Since this program is intended get you ripped in 30 days, you can imagine that Jillian means business! I am in week four, on the 4th workout,and it is kicking my booty. Compared to when I first began this – my hamstrings,quads,shoulders, triceps & abs have firmed up! I am extremely pleased with this DVD because it is challenging, but you quickly see results. I recommend it for advanced beginners and up.

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