3 comments for “Katrina Fitness Presents… Ease Into Pilates

  1. Sleeky Rory
    December 14, 2013 at 6:00 PM

    Great for beginners and everyday exercise I think this dvd delivers what it promises: easing into pilates. I’m new at this, and I’ve always found other pilates programs I’d watch on youtube to be difficult, confusing and I couldn’t keep up with them. When I watched a scene from that one, I thought this might be exactly what I needed, so I went ahead and bought it and I wasn’t disappointed at all. :)Overall:1. I liked her. She’s very sweet, smiling all the time, with a pleasant voice.2. The exercises are demonstrated in a clear and comprehensive manner.3. The music is not annoying. The second time I watched it, it was quite easy for me to completely ignore it.4. I like that it’s divided in relatively brief sections. That way you can choose to skip sth, and you can break down the one major goal of completing the program to 4 minor steps/goals, otherwise it would seem more likely for me to always be putting it off.5. It really improved my posture right from the first time.6. It’s very good exercise that can be followed on a daily basis, without it being very tiring.7. Seems likes it features all the essential exercises you really need without loading you with the (imho) fancy, exaggerating ones. But, being a beginner, I honestly can’t tell if someone more advanced would like this.8. All you need is a floor, some space and a mat. Nothing else.

  2. Mica Simonian
    December 14, 2013 at 6:08 PM

    Finally a Great Beginners Level Pilates Video I’ve purchased, rented, and streamed a number of pilates videos over the last 15 years. I lack core strength, and pilates always seemed like a reasonable, low-impact method toward improving my fitness level. Unfortunately, most pilates videos are so difficult, even with the most extreme modifications that I’m always too daunted to come back to it. And yet I always try, try again.Thank goodness, too, but I’m so glad I found this video (and so stoked that–as of this writing–it’s offered free to stream for Prime members). It’s basic, bare-bones beginner. If you are introducing a new fitness routine, I think this is a great option to get your feet wet and build up some core strength before moving on to other videos.With more pilates videos, I’m dying three minutes into a 30 or 45 minute routine. With this one, I wasn’t praying for it to be over. I know I’ll be mildly sore over the next two days, but not so bad that I won’t come back to it tomorrow.

  3. peaceandluv
    December 14, 2013 at 6:14 PM

    I love it!!! Sometimes you are just not in the mood for an extremely workout or hard core. You just want slow and relaxed workout that is good. This is the workout! Wow!!! I have done many pilates exercise for over 6 years but nothing compares to this one. I Love it. It is nice and targets all your areas. 30 mins does not see like 30 mins. Love it!!!!

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