LG Electronics Tone+ HBS-730 Bluetooth Headset – Retail Packaging – Black

The LG Tone+ (HBS-730) Wireless Stereo Headset delivers a high quality audio experience in stereo sound with the convenience of Bluetooth technology. Up to 15 hours of talk time and 10 hours of listening time keep you connected socially and musically while at home, at the office or on the go. Music and phone conversations sound better with enhanced audio and bass response that compliment a wide range of music genres. Built in apt-X technology reproduces CD quality sound over a Bluetooth connection when Tone+ is paired with a source device, i.e. smartphone or laptop, that can support it. Wear the LG Tone+ all day without realizing you have it on with its unique around-the-neck wearing style form factor and sleek design. Enjoy an active lifestyle with the convenience of the LG Tone+. A vibration will alert you of incoming calls and with the intuitive controls located on the neck strap, you can navigate between voice calls and music without having to touch your handset. Stay on top of your messages with LG’s downloadable BT Reader Application (Android OS) available from Google Play that enables LG Tone+ to read your incoming text messages in real time. LG Tone+ has Advanced Multipoint capability which allows switching between active voice calls on two separate devices all from the built-in controls. With the integrated Microphone Mute function you can enable and disable the microphone while on an active phone call for added privacy. Noise Reduction and Echo Cancellation will help filter unwanted background noise and keep your conversation crystal clear. Combine all of the features and you have the ultimate headset for making and receiving calls or listening to your favorite tunes. The LG Tone+ is the perfect accessory to enhance your lifestyle.

Product Features

  • LG Tone+ delivers enhanced audio and bass response and a host of calling features in a sleek, comfortable design
  • Built in apt-X technology reproduces CD quality sound over a Bluetooth connection
  • 10 hours of listening/15 hours of talk time provide all day connectivity
  • Text Message reading through LG’s BT reader Application for Android OS
  • Unique, around the neck, wearing style provides all day comfort and ease of use

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2 comments for “LG Electronics Tone+ HBS-730 Bluetooth Headset – Retail Packaging – Black

  1. Goode & Eiffel (Willie Goode & Paul Eiffel) "...
    April 9, 2013 at 8:07 AM

    Nearly a Home Run I own both the 700 and 730 models. I purchased the 700 3 weeks ago and used it extensively. I love the 700. The sound is not stellar, but it isn’t totally crappy. The sound lacks depth, like the difference between AM sound and FM sound, though not as extreme. The sound also distorts on the loud end. However, it worked great.The 730 has a few extra features that make it better, like the voice battery status and other messages. The sound is much better. The sound quality now rivals mid-tier phones that would please the average user who likes bass and mostly clear sound. It’s full sound, but not audiophile quality. I am no audiophile and do have mild-medium hearing loss. I hate total flat response, anyway, even if it is “pure.” I like good clean sound with a little extra nice, tight bass. Compared to my Bose QC15s, this is not too far off. I’d say this is pretty darn good for BT headphones. This would be worth the upgrade hands down if not for one big flaw.The range of this is far inferior to the 700 I own. It drops out sound and makes it choppy after 10 feet. With the 700, I can be 2 stories down, 20 feet away, and choppiness is minimal. Not so with 730. Just turning my back to my phone from 10 feet away and sound drops. Knowing the battery life is a little better on the 730s, it makes me wonder if LG didn’t simply reduce the BT radio power for more efficiency? I hope not. I was perfectly fine with the battery life of the 700s. That’s just speculation, but the radio performance between the two headsets is huge.What I love about BT headsets is the freedom I have to leave my phone down and do things. With the 700, I had this freedom with OK, but nothing special sound. With the 730, I have great sound with good bass, but can’t go more than 5-10 feet without having annoying drops in sound.Which one to send back?Update 9 OCT 2012:I really love the sound improvement over the 700. I find I am using the 730 all the time and have modified my behavior in order to prevent the dropped sound. One thing to note is that these in ear phones are comfortable, but are so because they don’t jam all they way in the ear. There is a little more air that gets in. In the office or at home, no issue, sound and bass is great. While driving in the car, I lose a lot of bass and have to turn it up more and stuff them tighter in the ear. It is still a clearer, more open sound.Based on the few comments left, I will be calling LG to see if my unit is defective.I also want to note that the color difference where the buds attach is much better. The silver color is less obnoxious. I tend to be more conservative in dress and don’t like loud colors that scream, “look at me.”I do wish the wires were a more flexible as the stiffness causes them to stick out. Thankfully, the wires are very thin and most people won’t notice them from a distance.I also wish the magnets were a little stronger. It’s easy to knock them out of the holder area.In spite of these other little points, I still think this is the best BT headset I’ve ever had. The biggest advantage is that they are “there.” With my past headsets, once they are out of the ear, I kept losing them all the time. Not so with these. It’s also way better for listening to music, way better. I also like that when it’s loud, I can put both buds in and actually hear the conversation I am having.Update NOV 27 2012:I ended up keeping both. I’m using the 730 less and just starting going back to the 700 because of the better range. The big reason for this is because the 730 began dropping out in the middle of a longer phone conversation. This was getting very annoying, especially with my 35 minute each way drive to and from work. I’d have to scramble to turn on the speakerphone. All it took was a shut off and turn back on to make it connect, but this is not good. It does this even being fully charged. I wanted to send back the 730, but with my busy schedule, I unfortunately missed the deadline.With the latest problem, I can’t recommend these. Short range for music is one thing – it won’t matter in certain situations. Drops during calls is a deal killer for me.I am also finding the magnets to be more of an issue, though more a minor annoyance. I tuck everything in under my collar and fish out the ear buds by pulling on the wire. I’d rather just go to where it is supposed to be seated. This is true of both 700 and 730.UPDATE 19 FEB 2013:After several more months of use, I almost exclusively use the 700s while the 730 sits collecting dust. Why? The only major advantage the 730s has, with its range issue, is the sound quality. So, if it’s just going to be headphones, I’d rather use good headphones. That’s what I’ve done – first with the V-Moda M-100 (which include a mic, a great portable headphone with really good sound) and now…

  2. ErinW26
    April 9, 2013 at 8:33 AM

    Nice Upgrades I was asked to try out the LG TONE+ stereo headset. I have the previous version of the LG TONE and enjoyed that one but this one has really nice updates. The first one I noticed was a call clarity has gotten even better. The previous one was good too but this one is exceptional. I also like the fact that when you turn it on there is an automated voice telling you that the power is on and the battery level. This is nice when you are driving and you have it on your neck and flip the switch that you do not have to look to see whether the power is on or off. There is also the capability to have it speak to you your incoming text messages, and voice activated dialing. It is comfortable to wear and I had no problems pairing the Bluetooth to my phone. I use it at the gym when I am exercising and have no problems with it. I can’t wear it running however since it bounces around but its perfect for the elliptical and weight training. The ear bubs that were on it were too big for my ears but it comes with three different sizes so it wasn’t a problem to switch it out.

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