McDavid Waist Trimmer

Neoprene waist trimmer with fully adjustable velcro closure compresses and supports while retaining therapeutic heat, fits up to 50″ waistWhether you’re looking to relieve some minor pain or enhance your weight loss efforts, the McDavid waist trimmer is an ideal choice. The waist trimmer cushions, compresses, and supports your lower back and abdominal muscles while retaining therapeutic heat. As a result, you’ll not only trim your love handles, but also relieve sore muscles and arthritis. The waist trimmer is made of thermal 100-percent latex-free neoprene, with a nylon facing on the outer side and a contoured design for comfort. The fully adjustable Velcro closure, meanwhile, ensures an optimal fit on waists up to 50 inches.

Note: McDavid recommends avoiding the waist trimmer is you’re susceptible to dermatitis or have an allergy to neoprene.

Product Features

  • 1-size-fits-all waist trimmer for relieving pain or losing weight
  • Cushions, compresses, and supports lower back and ab muscles
  • Retains therapeutic heat to relieve sore muscles and arthritis
  • Wrap is made of 100-percent latex-free neoprene
  • Adjustable Velcro closure fits waists up to 50 inches

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3 comments for “McDavid Waist Trimmer

  1. M.LOLz "LoLw00t!"
    March 10, 2013 at 12:01 PM

    Unbelievable! I was skeptical about this product to be honest. I’ve learned that when it comes to my body, to change something requires Dedication and Discipline. I had fat stored in my stomach area (even though I’m skinny 6″3 and 200lb). I used this product for 2 weeks.I did not change my routine and I never made abdominals and had poor cardio performance. I mainly did chest, bicep, back and other main muscles. During every exercise I felt the heat i was generating in my stomach area.I had to readjust the Trimmer 3 to 4 times in a 2 hour period because of the water I was losing.In just 2 weeks my stomach fat was greatly reduced and my waist looks way better. My Body fat is more or less the same 18% +/-1%.I highly recommend it!

  2. Culbertsun Incsoleil Tan
    March 10, 2013 at 12:11 PM

    The best one available I have tried a number of different waist belts and this is by far the best one I have ever had. Several of the ones I have had before wore out quickly and number of them were not wide enough to cover the entire mid-section. This one is by far the strudiest and best one I have ever had over the past 10 years. I am ordering several more just in case the next time I need one I can not find this brand. Whatever you do – don’t buy the belt by GoFit. It wears out in less than a month.

  3. M.D.C. "The Franchise"
    March 10, 2013 at 12:17 PM

    There’s no magic to waist belts. Since some don’t know about these types of belts:- Batteries? No- Magnets? No- Electricity? NoThis is basically a cloth, Velcro belt with a rubber inset that has grooves. The principle is simple: it provides basic back support (but not nearly as good as actual back supporting belts), and it acts as a sweat catcher for your midsection. If you workout while wearing such a belt, especially cardio or other intensive workouts, you will sweat 2-3 times the amount in that area. More sweating = slimmer waist, in theory. But you must be aware that this assumes that water retention is the source of some of your fat. This is true with most women, and why they can slim themselves easier and faster than men. For men, fat is generally the result of (A) genes, (B) salt, (C) poor diet and (D) water retention, in that order. While I’m generally slender, the males in my family have all been fat, thus the genes are there, I just have to push harder to fight them off.This belt is not a miracle worker. THERE ARE NO QUICK FIXES TO WEIGHT LOSS. You must exercise, you must adopt a clean lifestyle including diet, and you must commit to a plan. The belt simply helps with some of the sweating that you need to keep the weight down. I would also stress that you should keep your liquid levels up when in any workout regimen; water and simple fluids, and lots of it. You’re going to sweat; you need to replenish those fluids, and by working out you help put them in the right place (i.e. your muscles) instead of the wrong place (i.e. your belly).

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