Pilates for Beginners

4 mix-and-match body-sculpting workouts

Get a sleek physique with this simple Pilates program!

This beautiful program is the perfect place to start if you’re new to Pilates. In four easy-to-follow segments, you’ll learn–and do–all the basic Pilates mat techniques designed to tighten and tone your entire body.

Pilates focuses on core strength, flexibility, and alignment as it lengthens and sculpts your muscles. With step-by-step instructions, you’ll learn the proper form, technique, and breathing methods that make Pilates so effective. Anyone can do it, regardless of age or fitness level.

The two 10-minute and two 20-minute segments allow you to ease into Pilates and grow with it as you get stronger. You can also mix and match the four segments to customize your workout every time you do it.

INCLUDES a booklet with tips for maximizing your workout and 8 Bonus Moves on take-along perforated cards.

About the instructor: A Pilates master instructor who teaches at Reebok, The Sports Club LA, Clay, Equinox, and privately in New York City, Kristin McGee believes passionately in the profound effect Pilates can have on the mind and body.

Bonus: Pilates tutorial.

View pages from the booklet included with Pilates for Beginners (click for larger image)

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3 comments for “Pilates for Beginners

  1. Danie'
    August 17, 2013 at 9:42 AM

    More Like 4 1/2 Stars! This workout features two ten-minute routines and two twenty-minute workouts. I would say the moves range from very basic (step-by-step instruction, might feel a little slow for someone with a little experience but it still keeps you moving) to basic (moves aren’t performed quite as slow) to advanced beginner (adequate instruction but much less broken down; exercise becomes progressively more challenging).Throughout the video, Kristin shows you how to “cheat” by holding the backs of your thighs or bending your knees for some of the moves then she may ask you to do one last challenge and try full versions of the exercise. She also gives you a break between most exercises but it’s in the form a stretch so you don’t feel like you’re wasting time.All workouts start in a seated position, so for those who aren’t quite flexible or brand spanking new to Pilates, you might want to do a little warm-up to get those muscles limber before you get started.Workouts (in order on DVD):Core Warm-up (10 Minutes–Very Basic): Seated “100,” “100″ (with a breakdown of how to the exercise then an actual performance of the exercise), roll-up, spine stretch, saw, twistCore Connection (10 Minutes–Basic): Single toe taps, double toe taps, arm circles, “the bug”, single leg plie bends (right side), leg circles (right side), repeat last of the two exercises on the left, bridge, bridge with leg extensions, double leg plie bendsFoundation Work (20 Minutes–Basic to Advanced Beginner): Single leg stretch, double leg stretch, single leg straight leg stretch, double leg straight leg stretch, criss cross (a.k.a. bicycle crunches), “rolling like a ball”, tick-tock, hip thrusts(these are pretty hard), double leg circles, “open leg rocker”, back kicks, “Ballerina Butt Lift”, heel beats, neck pull, half neck pull, half neck pull with a twist, “shaving”, single leg teaser, full teaserStrong Backside: (20 Minutes–Basic to Advanced Beginner): Leg circles, leg lifts, kicks, bicycles, taps, inner thigh leg circles, inner thigh leg lifts, the clam, mermaid stretch, spinal twist, hip stretch, Can-Can (4 variations), repeat of leg series through hip stretch), “Little Piece of Heaven” (a child’s pose/push up combo), back lifts, “swimming”, an arm/leg stretch in a tabletop positionBonus Features: A Pilates Workout Tips Booklet with Bonus Moves cards (moves are different from what are on the DVD, meant to be used as in addition to this DVD), Pilates Tutorial (about 5 minutes–shows how to achieve a neutral pelvis and Pilates “V” both in the standing and seated positions; she uses the “100″ as an sample exercise), 10 minute segment from Exhale: Core Fusion Pilates Plus (Thighs & Glutes), a 5 minute segment from Weight Loss Pilates (the first 5 minutes of Flow 1), and a biography of Kristin McGeeWhat I liked:1. There is plenty of variety with these workouts, virtually no repeats from one workout segment to the next.2. The upper body is not neglected so you get a total body workout (“shaving” is a new fav of mine for the triceps).3. Kristin is very personable and gives good instruction.4. The work outs are customizable (think the 10-Min Solutions DVDs)5. Some pretty cool extras!!What I didn’t like:1. I would have liked there to be an actual warm-up for these workouts.2. Some of the moves that require you lift yourself up (i.e. the hip thrusts and double leg circle) might prove a bit too hard for a beginner.But all in all, a pretty solid workout.

  2. Carolyn Shearlock "TheBoatGalley"
    August 17, 2013 at 10:02 AM

    Good explanations for the beginner, it’ll make you work! I’m definitely a beginner at Pilates, or any type of “mat” workout.I like that this workout does not require any equipment (if you have a carpeted floor, you don’t even need a mat). The explanations are understandable if you haven’t done this before. The work out is challenging and while I can’t do all the reps of some of the exercises yet, there is nothing that is totally impossible for a somewhat inflexible 50-year-old to do. I know it’s really toning up my middle — the waistband on my jeans is not as tight as it used to be.I bought four DVDs at about the same time, and do different routines on different days, typically some each of the stretching, core/Pilates and knees about 5 days a week. It’s been a month, and there is a difference in how I feel . . . and my husband says also in how I look and move. I’d recommend any or all of the four I got — they each have a little different workout:

  3. Del Ray Guy
    August 17, 2013 at 10:03 AM

    Great Program I just saw the great article in USA Today and that reminded me to write a review. This is a great beginner’s program with some challenging moves that I look forward to being able to do. I know it’s good because I can still feel it just a little bit the next day. Kristin’s personality is engaging and not too perky. As a healthy but not very flexible guy, I’m very picky about my fitness DVDs, and I know this is a good one for both men and women.

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