Pure Essence Longevity Women’s Formula, Tablets, 120-Count

Multiples exist to provide everything your cells need, but may not get enough of from foods. That’s why, in our multiples, vitamins and minerals are joined by enzymes, trace elements, carotenoids, bioflavonoids, co-nutrients, immune factors and so on. Most importantly, they are literally packed with the phyto-nutrients found in superfoods and superior herbs. In short, superfoods and superior herbs provide countless nutrients that no table foods provide. These nutrients provide benefits that no others can match. Put simply, any well designed multiple must contain these foods in the greatest potency and variety possible. The longevity women’s formula provides everything found in lifeessence, along with the bone and blood support factors found in lifeessence women’s formula. It also adds potent blends of medicinal mushrooms, aloe and fucoidan to support the immune system, and an amazing blend of cell protective antioxidant factors. This product is for women who want the broadest possible protection against the dangers their cells face in the modern world.

Product Features

  • Pure essence
  • Longevity women?s formula
  • Our herbal supplements will provide you with holistic, cellular health

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