Qi Gong For Beginners

QI GONG FOR BEGINNERS/ is the perfect way to explore and experience the numerous benefits of Qi Gong. Used for thousands of years in China to build energy, improve & maintain health and cultivate peace of mind, these easy to learn practices are designed to enhance you vitality and well being. This DVD contains 8 customized routines to increase your physical and mental energy, reduce stress, improve balance and help with flexibility.
DVD HIGHLIGHTS: – 8 customized routines to learn the Eight Pieces of Brocade Qi Gong
Easy to follow, step-by-step instructions
– Exclusive Interview with the instructor
– Modifications of poses for less-flexible people
– Routines from 5 – 45 minutes
From the creators at bodywisdom media comes a new expert line of DVDs! Excite, inspire and encourage your journey of healthy and balanced living.
Qi Gong and Tai Chi master Chris Pei leads tailored workouts ranging from 5 to 45 minutes. This safe and effective program is suitable for every body, all ages and schedules.

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3 comments for “Qi Gong For Beginners

  1. R. Stiehl
    November 5, 2013 at 12:18 AM

    Excellant A very good DVD to learn Qi Gong. The teacher really knows how to make things clear in the instruction. Before buying this I did some research on him – his background is very impressive in martial arts and teaching.On this video he teaches the 8 Pieces of Brocade, with variations that can be added when you start feeling stronger. You can work on an individual piece or work them all together if you like. There are also a few extra practices in addition to the 8 Pieces. I have been really enjoying it so far.Some real nice options in case you need them, such as subtitles, and good information about each Piece and what it is designed for, plus some general information and practice things to keep in mind.Overall, I am very pleased with this.

  2. Jack
    November 5, 2013 at 12:23 AM

    I Really Like This I really like this and how it teaches Qi Gong. He presents the material in a way that I could follow and like the variations shown as you get comfortable. The bonus routines are also really good in helping me develop focus and some additional strength.

  3. Cobe "Cobe"
    November 5, 2013 at 12:39 AM

    Thank you, Master Chris Pei, for this great DVD! I decided to give this DVD a try due to my longtime muskuloskeletal disorders, as well as my determination to stay away from the pharma industry and their drugs, which to me, have been useless if not dangerous. I have a history of lumbago, bursitis and neck problems. Several years ago, I had sciatica that lasted for almost 7 years. It was then that I knew without a doubt there was absolutely nothing conventional allopathic medicine (therapy and dangerous drugs included) could do for me. Though a series of sessions with a good chiropractor provided relief, it was thanks to meditation and mind control that I finally completely got over my sciatica. Now I have been sciatica free for 15 years, but I would often have neck and back pain problems due to bad posture or tension, and two or three years ago I also started having pain on my upper left arm. Depending how high and in which direction I raised my left arm, a sharp pain would remind me something was seriously wrong with it. My low back pain was also there. Whenever I had to stand in the kitchen for more than 20 minutes chopping veggies or preparing a meal, I had to take a rest and sit down for a while due to discomfort or pain on my lower back. Only a few months ago, I came on Amazon and saw this DVD and ordered it right away. I started by watching the tape very carefully two or three times, trying not to miss any detail in order to follow Master Chris Pei’s instructions as faithfully as I could. The results are next to miraculous. I could feel energized right after my very first session. Five of six sessions later, I realized that my left arm was not aching any more. The next day, when I got on my Pilates machine to do some strength training, I realized I could raise my left arm as high as I wanted without any pain whatsoever. I was free of my lower back pain in about only 8 or 10 sessions. Thanks to QiGong, I can now stand at the kitchen countertop for as long as I want, with no pain. I can move my left arm, back and forth, high and low, with no pain. I have read two or three books on QiGong and there is one concept that I found very interesting. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, there is only ONE illness: Qi stagnation. This means that if the Qi flows freely, we are also free from disease. QiGong has worked so fantastically well for me, that I have every reason to support that belief. Thanks to QiGong, I am 100% pain free.*{Master Chris Pei’s instructions are crystal clear and to the point. Bravo!}Note: In relation with other reviews, I must say that QiGong is not only about movement. It also requires strong involvement of the subconscious mind or, in other words, it involves meditation, or getting the mind to reach, at least, the Alpha level. It is for that reason that I think these exercises should better be practiced AFTER watching the DVD, not at the same time. Master Chris Pei, is obviously not in the Beta level (conscious mind level) at the time he performs the movements.UPDATE. September 6, 2012Later I found Dr Yang Ywing Ming’ s DVDs here on Amazon which, in my opinion (together with Master Chris Pei’s DVDs) are also among the BEST DVDs one can get to practice and learn about QiGong. I have ALL of Dr Yang’s DVDs on QiGong and will continue to buy every DVD Both Chris Pei and Dr Yang may come up with in the future. I have the whole DVD series “Understanding Qigong” by Dr Yang. Each DVD is about 3 hours long and is a wonderful tool for those of us who not only want to practice Qigong but also understand the reasons why we should practice it and the best ways to do so.Another Update: June 2013I have continued practicing Qigong, mainly Chris Pei’s and Dr Yang’s DVDs and I have no words to express all the benefits that I am getting through its practice.

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