Silver Mother – Smart Care For Our Loved Ones

Silver Mother is a comprehensive life monitoring solution to let seniors live a safe and independent life. Silver Mother’s sensors seamlessly blend into the everyday activities of seniors. They continuously monitor their safety and health. Family members and caregivers can remotely make sure that their loved ones are enjoying a secure and healthy life and receive immediate alerts when a cause for concern is detected. Silver Mother is a set of carefully designed monitoring programs to adapt every person’s concerns. Simply select the programs that are relevant to your loved one’s lifestyle and health needs. Then, attach a tiny Silver Mother sensor to everyday objects and voila!

Product Features

  • Peace of mind solution
  • Simple: works with familiar objects, Flexible: adapts to every lifestyle
  • Cost effective: no subscription needed, Smartphone alerts, IOS, Android, and Windows compatible
  • Easy to Use: Plug in the Mother hub, Select a monitoring program, and Attach the sensor
  • Make sure medication will never be forgotten, Observe sleep habits to detect pattern changes
  • Detect door openings and be alerted if loved one leave the house

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