Springtime Longevity

Longevity for dogs is a powdered formula to be mixed into wet food feeding programs. This product combines the best principles of Fresh Factors plus Joint Health but goes even further. This is the strongest rejuvenating product we have for dogs. It is especially useful for daily detoxification, which is extremely important considering the dangers of common household chemicals and environmental toxins. Bug Off Garlic is highly complementary for best long-term protection.

Dogs: Give one scoop (approx. 8 grams – density may vary) per 40 lb body weight per day. For best results, start out with just a sprinkle for the first few days and increase gradually to at least one full scoop per 40 lb of body weight per day. Dosage may be doubled or tripled if faster, more dramatic benefits are desired. Larger doses are recommended for older dogs or dogs with infirmities.

Product Features

  • Can turn back the clock for older dogs with rapid visible results
  • Hip & joint health – strengthens connective tissues, keeps them elastic, resilient, and lubricated
  • Provides key “live food” factors impossible to find in commercial dog foods alone

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  1. Catrinka
    March 27, 2014 at 7:25 AM

    This is truly a life-saver for my German Shepherd (Warning — lengthy review!) Longevity is an incredible canine supplement and I can’t say enough positive stuff about how it’s helped my young German Shepherd. The following is a lengthy review and will probably only be of interest to those dog owners who haven’t found anything else that works for their pooch’s joint/health issues. In fact, I would first recommend trying at least one of the more palatable joint supplements before trying the Longevity. While my dog has experienced fabulous results with it, it isn’t an easy option in my opinion.**Based on comments here and emails I’ve received, I really want to emphasize that this is NOT a palatable supplement that you can simply sprinkle on most dogs’ food. My experience has been that it takes a bit of disguising to get your dog to eat it. For my dog, it has given wonderful results and is well worth the effort, though.**I first noticed my pup walking funny when he was 11-12 weeks old. Took him to my vet who suspected a genetic hip problem. By the time he was 5 months old, he looked like an old arthritic dog when he tried to get up from a down position. He still had all the enthusiasm of a young pup — his body was just not cooperating. So he was x-rayed and diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia and arthritis when he was only 5 months old…basically his hip joints were completely malformed. Went to 2 different orthopedic vets who said that the less extreme surgical options (TPO, etc.) were not an option for him. Full hip replacements of both hip joints would be only option and with no guarantee that his quality of life would improve (not to mention the $10,000 cost for both hips!). Docs prescribed strong NSAIDS (anti-inflammatories) along with strong pain meds to be given twice/day for rest of life. Prescription meds helped immensely with his mobility but he always had a drugged, glazed-eye look to him and his entire personality changed. Of course, the heavy use of NSAIDS also requires bloodwork every 3 months to watch for liver failure — so it really was a heartbreaking prognosis for such a beautiful pup.I started looking for a more natural solution using supplements that would enhance the health of the rest of his body rather than destroy it. I talked to holistic vets, researched products online, and surfed through a number of horse and dog breeder forums in order to come up with those joint products that might help. Based upon what I found, I tried four different products (Figuerola Lab’s InflammaSaver w/JointSaver, Glyco-Flex III, Springtime Inc.’s Longevity, and Dasuquin/MSM) before settling on the one that worked best for him. I gave each product a minimum of a few weeks in order to give them time to reach their optimum effect. Of the four products, Springtime’s Longevity and Figuerola Labs’ joint and inflammation products worked the best by far. I settled on the Longevity because, while it does require disguising into food rather than just giving a joint “cookie,” it is definitely easier than the 28 capsules he had to take daily with the Figuerola Labs stuff. Also the Longevity offered other improvements in health and appearance.The Longevity product is a mix of typical joint supplements (glucosamine/chondroitin/MSM) in a base of powdered bee pollen, spirulina algae, and a bunch of other supposedly healthy stuff. I give him nearly triple the dosage (instructions say you can give up to 3 times/dosage based on severity of need). This is LOTS of dark green powder to add to food; but frankly I’m used to disguising “unwelcome” supplements in his food by now…so not a problem. He gets half kibble (PureVita grain-free) mixed with fresh chicken, turkey, or salmon and a bit of rehydrated veggie mix for dogs. In a pinch (or when he’s being kept by others), I mix the Longevity into some quality canned dog food and then mix the canned stuff through his kibble. Works just fine with it. With the Longevity mixed in, he always stares at his bowl of food first and sighs loudly. Green food…yuck. But then he happily eats it and licks the bowl clean. An additional benefit was that his already nice coat got even lovelier. My vet commented on how bright-eyed and healthy he looks; and is amazed that he never gets sick or has any other issues typical to shepherds such as ear or skin problems. We decided to start his 12 year old terrier “sister” on Longevity also. With just a basic dosage (maybe a smidge more), she has turned into a puppy again. I guess I didn’t realize that she might be feeling a bit stiff and sore with her advancing years. Her itchy, dry skin went away and her coat also improved dramatically enough that others have noticed. It was great to see both of them racing up and down hills chasing each other for the first time. Another odd (but wonderful) benefit of long-term use of Longevity is reduction of dental plaque. While I had heard of this from others, it didn’t seem logical that this product could affect the gunk on their…

  2. KT
    March 27, 2014 at 7:54 AM

    Brought my puppy back 0

  3. tina 4paws
    March 27, 2014 at 8:05 AM

    Longer living senior dogs. 0

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