Synergy Aromatherapy Blends (Aphrodisiac, Stress Relief, Purification, Relaxation, Hope and Stay Alert)

Synergy Aromatherapy Oils in blends are

  • Aphrodisiac (Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, Sweet Orange, Lavender, Sandalwood & Jasmine)
  • Hope (Cassia, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Sweet Orange & Tangerine)
  • Purification (Eucalyptus, Grapefruit, Lemon, Lemongrass & Lime)
  • Relaxation (Lavender, Marjoram, Patchouli, Mandarin, Geranium & Chamomile) Stay Alert (Eucalyptus, Lavender, Peppermint & Pine)
  • Stress Relief (Bergamot, Patchouli, Blood Orange, Ylang Ylang & Grapefruit)

Popular and well-known essential oil synergy blends. Set Includes 6/ 10 ml of Aphrodisiac, Stress Relief, Purification, Relaxation, Hope and Stay Alert

  • Includes an informational insert with helpful ways to optimize the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. Whether they are inhaled, diffused, applied topically, added to bathwater or used in body massage these powerful essential oils can bring life-enhancing qualities to everyday.
  • Includes a useful and versatile “101 Ways to Use Essential Oils” brochure inside each set. Product comes wrapped as shown in picture, making it perfect to give as a gift or enjoy yourself.
  • All oils are 100% Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade in a dark glass bottle and includes a euro dropper lid for easy use.

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2 comments for “Synergy Aromatherapy Blends (Aphrodisiac, Stress Relief, Purification, Relaxation, Hope and Stay Alert)

  1. mphoenixj
    December 24, 2013 at 3:55 PM

    Excellent set of oil blends This really is a fantastic little set of oils. As other reviewers have indicated, the blends are neither too strong nor too weak; in most of the blends you can usually pick up on the “stronger” aromas right away (for example, in the meditation blend the sweet orange is quite noticeable) but never in an overpowering manner…all the components are very nicely balanced. To be completely honest, I simply cannot praise these enough. I’ve really enjoyed all of them. For those who have not the knowledge & experience (or the patience) for attempting to create your own blends, these bottles would have you really well covered. A couple of drops in your diffuser, etc. and the beautiful fragrances will lift your spirits.Also a plus, you can tell that Eden’s Garden is a smaller operation which really has a passion for its products. They shipped my order the same day and it arrived VERY quickly (unexpectedly quick, in fact). When I opened the package, they had handwritten “Enjoy” with a smiley face right there on the invoice! Might not matter to some but for me, I think it’s really a nice little touch that can go a long way with a customer. Really a golden buy in my opinion…

  2. Monkey Momma
    December 24, 2013 at 4:20 PM

    My family and I are enjoying this set of oils I love this set of essential oil blends. The oils used in each blend really complement each other. As essential oils are meant to be diluted, these will last for a very long time. This company sent my item out immediately and it came in an adorable gift box. I think anyone using these will definitely feel pampered!Aphrodisiac: It smells very earthy/spicy. It’s a beautiful scent and I don’t think that any of the oils overpower one another. I’m not sure how it works as an aphrodisiac, but I do like using this as a perfume when mixed with a carrier oil.Breathe Easy: With a family full of seasonal allergy sufferers, this will be used a lot! I love the combination of oils in this blend. I’ve found that most company’s that make a congestion-relief blend tend to go overboard with the eucalyptus. You can obviously smell eucalyptus in this, but it’s not overpowering. It seems to help open up the nasal passages by reducing inflammation. I’ve added this to my toddler’s bath before she goes to bed so she can sleep easier. My older children have used this in combination with a Neti-Pot so they could breathe at night. This is also perfect to use in a diffuser or in a homemade “Vicks” rub.Renew: It’s probably my least favorite of the blends, but it does make you feel more alert. I wish that this blend didn’t use eucalyptus since I associate that particular aroma with congestion. My 11 year old likes this though as she feels that it helps her on test days. I made some into a spritz for her and she uses it whenever she feels the need.Stress Relief: Seriously – one whiff of this and you will feel at ease. (I think it’s the grapefruit.) This is my favorite blend in the pack. I use this in my oil burner, in lotions, mixed in with coconut oil for my hair, etc. I have a son with an autism spectrum disorder and I find that this calms him when he’s upset. Even though you can definitely smell the patchouli in this blend, it smells gender-neutral.Relaxation: It smells basically like how you’d expect it to – with a combination of chamomile and lavender. It is a sweet floral scent. It’s kind of a classic. The lavender is full bodied and the chamomile is very soothing. (I’ve noticed that some chamomiles from other companies are a tad sickening, but this one is beautiful.) I made a homemade “bedtime” lotion with this blend and also add this to my toddler’s bath to help her transition to sleepy-time.Meditation: I haven’t had the chance to use this oil out as often as I’d like, but this one is great for oil burners and diffusers. It smells like one would expect a meditation blend to smell like, or perhaps like a new-age book store. I’d prefer for the frankincense to be more prominent, but I still like this blend.

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