The Dukan Diet: 2 Steps to Lose the Weight, 2 Steps to Keep It Off Forever

Devised by Dr. Pierre Dukan, a French medical doctor who has spent his career helping people to lose weight, the Dukan Diet rejects counting calories and promises permanent weight loss while allowing adherents to eat as much as they like.
Originally published in 2000, the Dukan Diet swept across France, championed by people who successfully lost weight following its unique four phase regime. The Dukan Diet has helped millions in France, where it has been number one for more than ten years and adopted in twenty countries, including the United Kingdom, Poland, Korea and Brazil. All together, The Dukan Diet has sold more than 3 million copies worldwide.

The Diet: 4 Easy Steps to Permanent Weight Loss

Phase one: Attack
Using Dr. Dukan’s True Weight calculator, dieters determine a reasonable and healthy weight loss goal. Then they begin the Dukan Attack phase a two-to-seven-day period during which only unlimited lean protein and a daily Oat bran galette (or pancake) are consumed and dramatic weight loss is achieved.
Phase Two: Cruise
Dieters alternate days of unlimited lean protein with days of protein combined with healthful vegetables until they reach their True Weight.
Phase Three: Consolidation
Dieters stay on this phase for 5 days for every pound lost. At this point the diet allows unlimited protein and vegetables, and other foods (such as cheese and bread) are reintroduced.  Dieters are also allowed two weekly celebration meals to stave off boredom.
Phase Four: Stabilization
This is the maintenance portion of the plan, in which followers are allowed to eat whatever they like without regaining weight–provided that they follow 3 unbreakable rules including eating only unlimited lean protein one set day per week. 
For each phase, The Dukan Diet offers clear simple guidelines for long term success.  The Dukan Diet is the perfect diet for people who want fast weight loss, that can be maintained without counting calories or weighing portions.

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3 comments for “The Dukan Diet: 2 Steps to Lose the Weight, 2 Steps to Keep It Off Forever

  1. LMR
    June 14, 2013 at 2:08 PM

    This diet worked for me. I will keep this review very simple. This diet worked for me.I am only 5 feet tall and, since the age of 15, have always been a very careful, healthy eater and a regular exerciser. However, in the past ten years, my weight just continued to creep higher and higher. No matter how much I tried, I simply could not lose the weight. I had my hormones checked and my thyroid checked and just about everything else checked and the weight simply continued to pile on slowly and regularly. Please don’t say that a “better” diet and “more exercise” would have worked. It simply did NOT work for me, and my diet was about as balanced, low-fat, and healthy as a diet could be and I walked and exercised nearly every single day. Yet, I got fatter and more sluggish as time went on. All those scientists and nutritionists and doctors out there who are telling people not to follow the Dukan Diet, please tell me why I gained so much weight if I ate only good foods, watched my calories carefully, never (and I do mean never) ate junk, and exercised regularly? Was I supposed to accept the theory that it was “menopause” or “aging” or something else that I couldn’t control?Out of sheer desperation,and thanks to a suggestion from my sister, I bought The Dukan Diet book and I started the diet. I have lost 22 pounds, and I now weigh about what I weighed when I was only 18!! I went from a size 8 to a size 4 (and sometimes 2), I have energy and muscle tone, and I feel great.There are some carbohydrates in this diet (the oat bran and wheat bran) and there are also the natural sugars that occur in the dairy products that (thankfully) are “allowed” on the diet. In the third phase, one would add in fruits, pasta, bread, etc., once again.I am now in the third phase of the diet, in which these foods are added back in.While I would guess that this diet could be quite unhealthy if you stayed on it forever, this is really a short-term diet with a long-term plan for healthy eating and weight maintenance. Everything that Pierre Dukan says in the book makes a lot of sense to me. I am not a doctor, not a scientist, and not a nutritionist. However, I don’t know a single person who went on a calorie-restricted diet and did not gain the weight back after reaching his/her weight goal and then eating like a normal person again. It makes sense to me that if you go on a calorie-restricted diet for a period of time and simply resume eating regularly after you lose weight, you will most likely gain the weight back. If you use the Dukan Diet, follow the diet through its first two phases, and then begin to add foods back in slowly, it seems to make sense that you will most likely maintain your weight. Better yet, you will have accomplished something wonderful and focused on your health and well-being as well as on your eating styles.What I liked best about this diet, besides the fact that it WORKED, is that non-fat dairy products are allowed (and there is a lot to choose from these days) and certain soy-based burgers are allowed. Additionally, the first phase, the attack phase, in which you eat only proteins, is really for only a short time. Then, you can add in vegetables once again.I did not like many of the recipes in the book; however, by reading the ingredients, I was able to create recipes that worked and still fit within the parameters of the diet. For example, I could not stomach the thought of the Dukan Pizza with salmon; however, I took the portion of the recipe that made the “pizza crust” and made two pancake-sized crusts instead. I was able to use that like bread, and darned if it didn’t satisfy any desire for bread!I am proud of myself for accomplishing my weight loss goal, and I am thankful to Pierre Dukan for creating and sharing this very easy to follow diet.By the way, I found the Dukan approach to be less boring than what I was doing every day before I started the diet. Want to know why? Because I IMMEDIATELY began to lose weight! Losing weight by eating every day and walking for only 20 or 30 minutes was surely a lot easier and more exciting than counting/restricting calories, taking an aerobics class, and wondering how much more I would weigh the next day despite watching what I ate and exercising.Following a particular diet is a very personal choice, and many of my friends took one look at this book and said they couldn’t possibly follow this diet. I found it easy to follow.Because I am still in the third phase of the diet, I honestly cannot comment on the long-term result. However, I can, with all honesty, say that, if it weren’t for the Dukan Diet, I would still be 22 pounds heavier!

  2. Glenda Evans "Bibliofile"
    June 14, 2013 at 2:33 PM

    The Lifestyle change everyone should want I am 5’9″ tall. When I started the diet I forgot to weigh myself, so I am not sure exactly how much I weighed or how much I have lost, but I can tell you this. I went from a size 14 clothes to a size 8. I started the diet on April 15, 2010 after reading an excerpt in the London Daily Mail. I even pre-ordered my book from Absolutely everyone has notice the difference. One thing that I do because I work five days a week is I cook my food all on one day and place in containers in the refrigerator. This way I always have something to eat. One of the quickiest ways to fall off a diet is when you have none of your available food ready, this is one way to avoid this issue. I have had no issues with the diet and it really works. I recommend this diet to anyone. So far two friends and three relatives have also started the diet with great success. I wanted to come back and add that today is 2/2/2011 and I am still a size 8 still working the diet. I did succumb to some parties during the holidays and gain 6 lbs, but went back to the beginning of the diet and some all protein days and I am back. I wish I could post pictures for all to see. 4/23/11 A friend just started the Dukan diet two weeks ago and she has lost 13 lbs. A year ago, I told her about the diet and it was not good enough til she heard about it on the news recently because of the Middleton’s going on the diet and now she is a convert.

  3. Rett01
    June 14, 2013 at 2:58 PM

    Man starts diet, consumes slabs of protein, begins to see some success Attack Phase, After Seven Days: Minus 11 pounds. Felt pretty crappy until day three, then just as the good diet doctor predicted, started feeling better. No hunger or craving but getting bored with broiled chicken breast and non-fat yogurt.Must admit I am beginning to enjoy that little morsel called a Dukan Oat Bran Galette (mini pancake made with oat bran, egg white, non-fat Greek yogurt, artificial sweetener – recipe included in book).Cruise Phase, After One Week & One Day: Minus 16 pounds total and still going strong: I’ve chosen to do two all-protein days followed by five protein-and-vegetable days.Worst of it is going without a beer or vodka martini at least once in awhile. Looking forward to the day when I reach Cruise Phase goal and can have alcohol again. At an estimated loss of two pounds a week during the Cruise Phase, I have at least another two months to go before having that martini. That’s a long time and a pretty big commitment to the Dukan Diet. But it does seem to be working.Other than the ban on alcohol, the regimen to me hasn’t been too difficult to follow. Time will test not only perseverance but whether we Dukan dieters will be able to maintain our weight loss.Millions of French and Europeans have tried the program, which consists of four phases: Attack, Cruise, Consolidation and Stabilization. It’s a high-protein, low fat, almost zero carbohydrate recipe for weight loss. Oh, yes and a quart and a half of water to flush the kidneys and at least 20 minutes of exercise a day and no escalators or elevators. Those last items, Dukan insists are “non-negotiable.”There are 3.5 million of the diet books in print in French in addition to a gazillion copies in what the publisher says are 14 languages including English and now, American. In addition to an introduction to the diet and its four phases, the book contains a long list of allowed foods and an extensive collection of many tantalizing recipes, for example “Tandoori Chicken Escalodes” or “Turgloff Beef Kabobs.” Mmmm, sounds good and filling, too. I also appreciated the fact that there are recipes for various “legal” sauces, such as “Diet Bearnaise” and Dukan Herb Mayonnaise” that add some zest and even zing to your slab of protein.Will we Americans jump on the diet bandwagon? The book has been on the French best-seller list for more than ten years. Dukan says in the introduction he resisted publishing here because the North American audience scared him.Being overweight appears to be a problem that “is more difficult in America than anywhere else.” Deciding to publish now, Dukan says, represents “His greatest challenge and his greatest risk.”Time will tell whether he succeeds or fails. For me at least, I’ve lost 16 pounds in 15 days and gained two notches on my belt. Other than a martini, what I need most right now is encouragement and the motivation to keep going.

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