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  1. Kevin J. Loria
    September 29, 2014 at 4:06 AM

    “JOURNEY’S END?”…..not on your life SUNSHINE!! The major dynamic of Doctor Who has always been one of change, after all it IS a show about a 900+ year-old face-swapping, regenerating Timelord with no-fixed-abode, each week an entirely new location, with a new cast of characters. It’s because of this dynamic that the series has had such (multimedia) longevity. With series 4, of the new series we see a continuation of this, with the return of Donna Noble from the Christmas Invasion Special of 2006. But, this isn’t the same Donna, she herself has changed as a character for having adventured with the Doctor, although she still, thankfully, is not as in awe of the Doctor as Rose in series 1, or in love as Rose in series 2, or struck love-sick with the unobtainable man as Martha in series 3. Donna has a unique perspective on the Doctor and his universe, almost seeing herself as an equal, if unsure of her abilities, but not so completely trusting of the Doctor. As Rose grew into the role of companion, so does Donna, but her journey isn’t as simple, she may be the everyman companion (like Sally Sparrow or the men of LINDA). The show’s overall perspective has changed, Rose and Martha held the point of view, unraveling the mysteries (for the viewer) of the Doctor and his world, especially with the angry and enigmatic Chris E’s 9th Doctor. But now with David Tennant’s 10th Doctor the audience knows more about the “last of the Timelords” than any companion, we don’t need the companion as an anchor, thus we has Donna on an even playing field, and an excuse to bring back Martha (also changed for her travels)…an maybe Rose?This season the series has no major catchwords like “BAD WOLF” or “TORCHWOOD” and who can forget “MR. SAXON.” Season 4 is bound by other elements, a person, phrase, a prophetic statement/question, a place, building up, so pay attention. These elements aren’t clues from this season alone, but references planted going as far back as the first season, or a recently as quotes from the Master in last season’s finale, remember “The Crucible,” “Medusa Cascade” or the “Shadow Proclaimation?”What else this season has is loads of great stories from award-winning writers and loads of great performances from award-winning celebrity cameos: Nigel Terry (Excalibur), kylie Minogue, Felicity Kendal, Alex Kingston (ER), Colin Salmon (MI6), Christopher Ryan (the Young Ones), Geoffrey Palmer, Georgia Moffett (the Last Detective) and more. Of course, there are loads of great performances from the series regulars. David Tennant ads so much depth to what was a relatively static character, in the series original successful run. His Doctor still enabling the everyman to act, to be a hero. Along with Catherine Tate, their sense of pathos and comedic timing are nothing short of A-list quality.DVD set includes:(mild spoilers follow…)Time Crash: a fully finished short for the “Children in Need” UK charity featuring the 5th Doctor (Peter Davison) meeting the 10th Doctor, written by Steven Moffat.This is a direct precursor to the 2007 Christmas Special, in fact it really occurs a few minutes before the final seconds of Season 3′s finale.”The Voyage of the Damned” or the 2007 Christmas Special. Now a Christmas Day tradition, since the 10th Doctor, newly regenerated came to our screens, this is the 3rd such special. This special is very derivative of the action film genre, more so that the previous specials, or Doctor Who as a whole. Moments very-like the Die Hard of your choice appear throughout “Voyage” while Tennant’s Doctor is somewhat muted early on here. The Doctor this time out is rescuing the passengers and crew of the Starship TITANIC, a intergalactic cruise liner visiting scenic Earth, where disaster ensues and the Doctor’s promises of salvation to the nicely eclectic gallery of survivors proves to be to much to handle. The Sweet, but over-rated and inappropriately aged Kylie Minogue as Astrid, a temp companion who dreams of seeing the galaxy, help the Doctor to resolve the sinister corporate machinations of Max Capricorn, at an extreme cost. Some elements are the angelic robo-baddies, homage to “the Robots of Death” and another classic iconic juxtaposition of holiday imagery.The first of the real season is “Partners in Crime” in which we rejoin Donna Noble from the Runaway Bride special and for an opening night episode, it still feel like on of the specials. It is fun, face-paced and over-the-top, it too has some Die Hard moments. Since turning down the Doctor’s initial offer to travel, she has changed her mind and been investigating on her own hoping to one day run into the Doctor, and so she does. She also runs into CEO, Miss Foster who offers an unsuspecting public new way to lose weight with a sinister secret, well sinister may be to harsh a word, but let’s just say that the fat “just walks away.” This one, is a bit of fun fluff, but the episode closer offers quite a twist.The…

  2. B. Starbuck
    September 29, 2014 at 4:19 AM

    The incredible highs compensate… 0

  3. A. Gammill
    September 29, 2014 at 4:31 AM

    Occasionally uneven, but also occasionally brilliant 0

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