The Women’s Health Book: An Introduction

The Women’s Health Book: An IntroductionAs a woman, looking after your health is the most important step you can take towards creating a healthy, happy family and a thriving community. But in today’s busy world, with so many demands on your time, it’s not always easy to find information you can trust.In this introduction to The Women’s Health Book, you will find out how and why women’s health care is so different to men’s; how you can keep your body and mind healthy as you grow older; and how to get the most out of a doctor’s appointment.For a comprehensive look at every aspect of your body and health, you can go to the complete edition of The Women’s Health Book. It is written specifically for women by health professionals who specialise in women’s health, clinicians who are well placed to help you look after your physical, mental and social wellbeing. The book is designed to help you participate as an equal partner in your health care, to empower you to ask questions and make better choices to improve your health. The Women’s Health Book is an essential reference book for every Australian woman’s shelf.

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