Asthma and Nutrition

Antioxidants help with asthma because they help defend against pollution and other free radicals which may trigger an attack. Sources of antioxidants can be found in fresh produce such as vegetables and fruits. One fruit full of them is blueberries. Some vitamin supplements also contain antioxidants. Fish oil may also be beneficial because it helps by acting as an anti-inflammatory. You can get fish oil from fish supplements or from eating fish as part of your daily diet. Glutamine powder which can be found in supplements may help with asthma because it is good for food allergy recovery and opening up airways.

Other foods that may help with asthma are magnesium, B vitamins, folic acid and more. These vitamins and minerals help with asthma because they help relax the bronchial tubes, thin bronchial mucus and help with deficiency problems chronic in some people with asthma. Foods that contain these vitamins and minerals include: milk, whole grains, and leafy green vegetables, multivitamin supplements with B vitamins, eggs, fish, cereals, potatoes, beef, broccoli, legumes, mushrooms, and yeast.

If you have asthma yourself or have a loved one who does, you know how important it is to stay healthy, safe and active. You want to do everything you can to try and avoid a trip to the hospital or harsh medicines. It is important to modify your diet to fit these needs, but if this does not help, a doctor may need to be consulted about other alternatives and medicines that can help you to stay active and healthy. This way you can live a full and happy life for as long as possible.

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