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 Nutrition plays a vital role in any exercise program. Even if you’re born with natural physical strength, this won’t sustain you in your workouts. A diet with enough nutrition will not only help you during exercise but will stimulate the feeling of well-being, inspiring you to continue with your exercise program. Take a minute to look at the Optimum Nutrition Reviews in this article.

1. During a workout, your body undergoes tremendous activity unmatched by any man-made machine. It is during this exercise that you manifest the genius of its design. But it comes with a great price. Your body uses all of the strength it can use, depleting in the process the energy reserves in your body. This is the reason why you need Optimum 100.

2. The harder you exercise, the faster the reserve energy depletion is. It follows that during this heavy physical activity, you will be exhausted tremendously. Worse, you wouldn’t have enough reserve energy to sustain you during the exercise. If you are using Optimum 100 Whey Protein, your body will sustain itself, and will help to stabilize the sugar level in your body to help it recover faster after the exercise.

3. Hours after a workout, it is natural to feel a lingering fatigue, particularly if you are not taking Optimum 100 Whey Protein. This not only slows your muscles’ recovery but also will affect you psychologically. When this happens, your entire body is affected, whose care is the very reason why you’re into sports or fitness in the first place.

4. Optimum whey protein was designed and formulated specifically to suit your needs before and during the workout. Aside from giving you sustenance during the workout, will also give you “extra” nutrients left for you to work with as the body heals itself.
But why engage in exercise and fitness in the first place? Because your body will “learn” from these activities, boosting your immune system in the process. Sports nutrition also means optimal capacity for your body to heal itself faster, bringing your body into next level higher each time.

5. Optimum 100 contains complex and simple carbohydrates blended into maximum amounts to give an exhaustible nutrient source.  This perfect blend of carbs will help your body utilize energy without depleting your reserve energy necessary for recovery. Many other supplements use calories in their formula  that easily result in unstable flow of blood sugar in your body.
If the sugar content in your blood is at the optimal level, oxygen consumption is maximized, helping your body to sustain itself during intense exercise. Oxygen consumption also helps in preserving the tissues, which need doubled the amount of oxygen during your regimen Sports nutrition after exercise.

6. Optimal recovery is just as important as optimum energy during exercise. Your fast and efficient recovery will help your body to heal faster and prepare itself for the next workout. This is where Optimum 100 Whey Protein comes in after your exercise.
7. After the exercise routine, your body will automatically use all available energy it can utilize. A nutritional supplement high in quality protein is important to give your body the raw materials for muscle growth and repair.

8. Remember the early Greek athletes? They consumed large quantities of meat after every contest in sports. They already knew by then, that something in the meat helped the body to recover after exercise. The importance of the protein is not lost to our modern day bodybuilders. It is not lost to fitness or exercise enthusiasts either. Protein goes a long way in maintaining health during and after intense exercise.

This is also the right time to do away with what some sports “experts” today propose that high protein content in your sports nutrition will harm you. If protein did not harm the early Greeks, it will not harm you.

9. Last is the quality. Optimum Sports nutrition gives you the highest in quality standards compared to other commercially available supplements. This is your last safeguard against consuming substandard sports nutrition products, which will put your training in jeopardy. This will also help you to realize that quality is very important. Don’t look for ice-cream tasting sports nutrients because taste is a matter of practice, just like your exercise regimen. Try Optimum 100 Whey Protein.
Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass is a weight gainer designed to help the user intake a serious amount of calories.  The product is designed to target people who have high metabolisms coupled with an active lifestyle and small appetite.  Each serving is packed with 1,250 calories containing 50 grams of protein and over 250 grams of carbohydrates. Beyond the calories, Optimum Serious Mass has 25 minerals and vitamins with added protein, glutamine, and creatine into each serving. The protein complex contains fast digesting whey protein and slower digesting casein and egg protein.  This weight gainer also contains no added sugar in the carbohydrate complex.

Compared to other weight gainers, this product is much  cheaper.  Many users report that the taste of this product is better than other weight gainers as well.  A couple of people have also reported being able to overcome strength and body weight plateaus.  A common trend in this product is that the users tend to gain weight while on the product.  One such report suggested that hte user went from 140.1lb to 147.8lbs in a matter of 19 days. Since the product contains a lot of carbs, glycogen reserves tend to recover more quickly and the user can get back in the gym quicker.  Furthermore, workouts tend to be more energized and enduring

Optimum Casein

Optimum Nutrition has done it again.  We are very pleased with this protein powder.

Ingredients: We love it when they keep it simple. This is just casein protein and flavoring. They hit a respectable 75% protein per scoop. This is not the best possible, but very good in the overall scheme of what is out there.  The important factor in the ingredients here is that they used micellar casein, the highest quality casein protein found in powders.  Some other products use calcium caseinate, which is still a solid protein, but not like micellar.
Rating: ★★★★★★★★★☆

Taste/Mix ability: We love the taste. We’re going to knock it a bit because the mixability and texture can vary a bit from flavor to flavor and was not always great.  But overall compared with other proteins and especially other caseins, this was a very good product.
Rating: ★★★★★★★★★☆

Effect: We like the way this product digests and it indicates good ingredients. We are not gassy and we feel full for longer as we should with a good casein product.  This is really the quintessential solid long lasting protein.  It reacts in our digestion process exactly how it should.
Rating: ★★★★★★★★★☆


Conclusion: The price is not totally bargain basement, but it is worth it and we have very few negative things we can say about this product. We really like caseins in general as we think that slow release protein is much more valuable overall for anyone in training.
As most of us already know, ON is a top notch company. I had tried ZMA in the past from another company no results. One of the sites I order from had this on sale last summer so I thought I’d give it a try since it was ON. Let’s just say that it was successful so here it is 7 months later and I’ve finished three bottles!

Price: Even after the sale, the price isn’t bad for this. Around $20 for 180 caps, pretty good! I think Sci-Fit may be a little less though.
You are supposed to dose this on an empty stomach. There are a lot of times that I can’t take it right on an empty stomach due to my crazy schedule, I eat too late sometimes. Even when I take it 45 minutes after eating, the effects seem to be about the same.
As far as the muscle building aspect of this supplement, I really can’t notice that much of a difference. I can not directly attribute any specific Muscle Gains to this product. However, the deep sleep that I get with it is awesome! Taking three of these about an hour before bed on at least a semi-empty stomach is great! When I go to sleep, I sleep the whole night and usually have some very vivid dreams. Even though I can’t point to any muscle growth from this product, we all know that a better sleep is great for our muscle growth. I know it is helping at least just because of that.

I did notice a huge difference in the quality of my sleep between 2 and three caps. I tried 2 for about a week and noticed that I woke up a couple times more during the night.

I have not developed a tolerance or dependence on this. Three caps works just as well today as it did when I started taking it. I personally only take it on workout days. On non-workout days, I sleep just like I did before I started taking it; restless and lots of tossing and turning. I tried taking it on days that I didn’t workout and it didn’t seem to have the same effect on my sleep pattern.
Even though I can not point this to any specific size or strength gains, I know that the sleep quality is much better. I feel like a champ on 6 hours of sleep but it takes at least 8 without it to feel as good. The price is reasonable. I would highly suggest this to someone who lifts and needs a better rest cycle. You get the sleep you need without the unneeded drugs in Tylenol PM or other sleep pills. Give it a shot!

I hope that the Optimum Nutrition Reviews outlined here have been of some benefit to you.

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