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If nutrition and dietary knowledge is important for the average gym goer, it becomes that much more vital an aspect for an athlete or sports person and gym members who may not compete but irrespective of that, train at an advanced, elite level. Exercising individuals and athletes need the right kind of fuel (Nutrients) to keep them performing at optimum levels & improve body composition. For that they look to professionals for the proper guidance on this path. They also require detailed guidance about nutritional supplementation. That is why you will find reputed fitness academies in the country always offer courses on Sports & Exercise Nutrition. 

Even if you have already been certified with fitness trainer qualifications or are a registered dietician, it always helps to up your knowledge about your chosen field and also educate yourself with detailed and in depth knowledge about sports & exercise nutrition. This is a very specialized field in which even registered dietitians need to be separately educated over & above the education that they receive in their colleges. 

A course in Sports Nutrition would be deemed as good only if it is coupled with a comprehensive reference guide/manual. Especially in the field of nutrition, there is so much information that it becomes mandatory for effective education that a text book be created to which a student can keep referring to as a guide to help him in his career even after the course.

Please note that the Sports Nutrition field is nascent & constantly evolving. Be sure that the course you take up is an updated one that educates you in all the latest developments in the field. Since Supplementation is an integral part of sports nutrition, the course you take should include product developments in all the categories of macro & micro nutrient supplementation, including ergogenic aids.

When looking for a sports nutrition manual to educate yourself with, make sure you buy something associated with a reputable fitness academy or institution. An academy that has been known in the industry for the courses, classes, workshops and the thorough science backed education. If you are looking to get into a specialised field such as this or are already a part of the industry, it is your responsibility to educate yourself with the latest and most comprehensive information out there to do justice not only to your job, but also to your personal clients who count on you. It is up to you to keep learning through workshops, classes, read the latest books and the like, in order to stay on the top of your game to ensure your clients stay on top of theirs

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When looking for a sports nutrition manual to educate yourself with, make sure you buy something associated with a reputable fitness academy or institution.
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